RED SEA & Saudi Arabia Cruises - Winter 2021/2022



How do MSC Magnifica guests obtain travel visas for Saudi Arabia, as well as for Egypt and Jordan?
Guests who purchase our fly & cruise package will have a visa for Saudi Arabia included. For guests who opt to buy a cruise only they will be responsible to obtain their visa. All guests from countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries will not require visas.

Visas to visit Jordan and Egypt on one of our shore excursions will be included in their holiday package, whether it be fly & cruise or cruise only.


- Arabic Language

Will ship announcements be made in Arabic? Will printed materials be available in Arabic?
Yes, Arabic will be one of the several languages used for public announcements and printed materials on board the ship.

Will you have Arabic speaking staff on board MSC Magnifica?
Yes, we will have a number of Arabic-speaking staff on board all of MSC Magnifica’s sailings throughout the season.

- Food & Beverage

With MSC Magnifica itinerary set to call three ports in Saudi Arabia, will you serve alcohol on board?
Yes, alcohol will be available for our guests on board MSC Magnifica during her winter season in the Red Sea as it is similarly on our cruise ships that have in the past operated in the Arabian Gulf and will do so also in winter 2021/22.

Will you serve alcohol only when MSC Magnifica is at sea or will it be available when MSC Magnifica is at berth at a Saudi port?
Alcohol will be available only when the ship is sailing in international waters.

Will you serve halal food on board?
Yes, halal food will be served in all dining outlets throughout the ship.

- Prayer Rooms

Will there be an area on board set aside for Islamic prayer?
Yes, separate male and female prayer rooms will be available as is common throughout the Middle East in places such as shopping malls and airports.


Which is the list of shore excursions for these Red Sea cruises?

A rich shore excursions program will be bookable by mid-June on our channels.

Is there a specific dress code for shore excursions in Saudi Arabia?

All our guests both male and female will have to respect local customs and traditions, where clothing needs to be modest and appropriate. Local customs in Saudi Arabia require men and women to dress modestly, with their shoulders and knees covered in public areas, and they should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing or clothes with profane language or images.  


During shore excursions beach visits in Saudi Arabia, will women be allowed to wear bathing suits?

The guest profile for MSC Magnifica’s sailings will be 50% international and 50% from Saudi Arabia.  Mixed beaches and female-only beaches will be available which is common throughout the whole Middle East and non-Saudi women will be allowed to wear bathing suits, again something that is widespread in the region.


Will guests who book the cruise that takes place during practice days and the F1 Grand Prix in Jeddah be able to get to the racetrack?

We’re very excited that one of MSC Magnifica’s early cruises from Jeddah is at the same time as the inaugural FI Saudi Arabia Grand Prix on 5 December in the city and we are working with a number of parties to make this a very special occasion which we hope to announce soon.