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Land of dawn, daring explorers and age-old paths of both earth and sea. From the Silk Road to the Spice Route, through horizons of unprecedented beauty ranging from deserts landscapes to the highest mountains on the globe. From the shores of Indian Oceans to the Pacific islands, crossroads of ancient cultures and religious blending. Asian wealth is staggering and with MSC Cruises you can fulfill your craving for exploration across its fascinating seas. A cruise to Asia is a journey through millennia-old traditions still strongly intact despite its impressive modernization.

Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist temples, martial arts like judo and karate, and a pulsating pop culture that has impacted the world with anime, video games and K-pop. A delicious food culture featuring sushi, ramen, sake, and Chinese rolls. A Far East cruise has everything needed for a memorable holiday!

Japan is a treasure trove of discovery. From Beppu’s thermal waters and Kagoshima's volcanic majesty to the sunny beaches of Okinawa islands, the land of the Rising Sun brims with fabulous scenery and once-in-a-lifetime sights to see on an Asia cruise. With its remarkable Buddhist temples and stunning natural landscapes, Taiwan (China) offers a captivating blend of history and beauty. Explore the Republic of Korea and its beguiling mix of contemporary culture, amazing sights, and welcoming hospitality, with a distinctive appeal that’s hard to resist.

China's sprawling cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong offer an excellent introduction to this vast country. Whether it’s world-class shopping of Shanghai, also known as "the Paris of the East", or the glittering skyline of Hong Kong with its blend of Chinese and Western influences, there’s a perfect voyage for you. Book your next Asia cruise in 2023, or in 2024, and delve into the Far East wonders with MSC Cruises!

ASIAN countries

Bring the Far East closer with an MSC Cruise in Japan, Taiwan (China) and the Republic of Korea and experience a magical mix of ancient cultures, pristine beaches, and tempting flavors. From Japan’s vibrant metropolises and paradise islands to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Taipei and the stunning volcanic landscapes of Jeju Island, our Asian cruises will captivate and enchant.
MSC Cruises offers a varied range of Asian and Far Est routes. Choose to cruise around Japan from Kagoshima to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Land of the Rising Sun or sail south to Taiwan (China) via the stunning Okinawa islands. Set sail with MSC Cruises’ Far East and Asia cruises and prepare for an unforgettable journey that will captivate your senses.

Japan cruises

Think of Japan, and, chances are, the towering buildings and flashing neon come to mind. But beyond the bright lights, there’s much more culture, history, and delicious food to encounter across its scattered islands too. Try comparing its Samurai traditions with its zen gardens, taste the wagyu beef before savouring sushi and sake, or rest on pristine beaches.

With a Japan cruise you can discover the many facets of the Land of the Rising Sun, from the UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist temples of Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera and the world-famous Golden Pavilion of Rokuon-ji, to the stunning scenery of Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima.

Feel Naha’s ancient sense of pride by visiting the epic Shuri Castle and the verdant Shikinaen Garden and relax on the white sands of the remote island of Miyako. In this country of epic splendour, imperial palaces, sacred temples, and majestic mountains are waiting to be explored.

Japan cruises

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Taiwan (China) cruises

With its fascinating heritage, natural beauty and diverse culture, a cruise to Taiwan (China) offers much range for visitors. Arriving from the Okinawa archipelago in Japan, MSC Cruises itineraries offer an ideal starting point to explore Taiwan (China) from the port of Keelung.

Stroll Taipei’s streets and be bowled over by its ultra-modern atmosphere. Visit the National Palace Museum before dropping in Liberty Square and the Memorial Hall, seeking spiritual solace at the Baoan Temple, sipping the traditional specialty of beef noodle soup, or chancing upon geographic beauties like Mount Keelung.

Enjoy the verdant oasis of Chung Cheng Park with its Buddhist temple and take a picture of the impressive statue of Guanyin, Mercy Goddess. Visit Chiufen, a mountain village named after the nine portions of supplies sent to it during the Qing Dynasty. With MSC Cruises, every moment spent in Taiwan (China) will be one to treasure.

Taiwan (China) cruises

Keelung - Taiwan (China), Asia cruises | MSC Cruises

Republic of Korea cruises

Reach the Republic of Korea with MSC cruises routes from Japan sailing to Busan and Jeju Island. Visit the Buddhist temple of Beomeosa or treat yourself to some shopping at the Shinsegae Centum City Department Store, the largest shopping complex in the world. Indulge in authentic Korean cuisine and taste Bulgogi, a popular barbecue dish of marinated beef, or a Bibimbap a traditional Korean-style poke bowl. MSC Cruises' excursions to Gamcheon offer a peaceful retreat into a typical Korean village, with narrow lanes and colorful houses.

Explore Jeju Island, dominated by Hallasan vulcano, the country's highest peak, and witness the stunning contrast of a black volcanic rock beach against the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Hike to the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an impressive volcanic crater with breathtaking views or explore the impressive lava tunnel of Manjanggul Cave. The Republic of Korea is waiting to be discovered with MSC’s Asia Cruises!


Republic of Korea cruises

Busan - Republic of Korea, Asia cruises | MSC Cruises

ASIA ports

Yokohama - Japan, Asia cruises | MSC Cruises

Cruises from Yokohama

Your Far East adventure in Japan, Taiwan (China) and the Republic of Korea starts from the port of Yokohama in Tokyo Bay. From Yokohama all the delights and bright lights of Tokyo await, as well as the sacred temples of Engyoji, Kiyomizu-Dera and Kinkaku-Ji, near Kobe. Fusing centuries-old traditions with cutting-edge innovation, futurism with spirituality and soaring cities with exotic landscapes, our Far East cruises will captivate even the most seasoned traveler.

MSC cruises from Yokohama will also take you as far south as Taiwan (China), crossing the beautiful sunny beaches of and the kaleidoscopic corals of Ishigaki Island, or reach Republic of Korea with stops in Busan and Jeju Island. An MSC Cruise is the perfect gateway for your Far East discovery!