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Welcome to MSC Casinos, where Vegas-style games promise a thrilling experience. Friendly staff await to provide you with exceptional service while a modern design and comfortable amenities create a welcoming atmosphere.


Whether you're an expert high roller or a novice player, an array of games ensures endless enjoyment for all skill levels. Learn to play like the pros as you master the classics with gaming lessons. So, try your hand at high-stakes gambling where you just may become our next jackpot winner.

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Redeeming your MSC Cruises Casino Voucher is a breeze. Simply input your information below and a dedicated MSC Cruise
Concierge will promptly be in touch to assist you with planning your dream vacation at sea.

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The UChoose option within the MSC Signature Player Rewards program gives you the flexibility to choose your future discounted or free cruise's destination, length, and stateroom category. Once you've accumulated enough Dream Points, your ideal vacation is within reach thanks to the range of options available. Whether you crave a luxurious stateroom for a shorter getaway or a standard stateroom for a longer stay, the rewards choice is yours.



Book your free cruise without any additional payment. There are no charges or fees due when you use your complimentary cruise certificate. If you are a high-end, experienced player, your free cruise may offer a stateroom in a luxurious Yacht Club suite (based on Dream Points earned). Here, you'll be met with uncompromising luxuries with a wealth of exclusive features including 24-hour butler service and a dedicated concierge. There are no convenience fees or daily limits while using your ship card in the casino.

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Step onto the casino floor for non-stop excitement from our extensive gaming collection. A mix of slot machines and table games as well as bingo and lottery opportunities create an electrifying atmosphere where the thrills are big, and the payouts are bigger. 

A bahamian paradise exclusive for msc guests

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Escape to a secluded paradise like no other at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, our private island in the Bahamas. Here, our cruise ship casinos remain open for your enjoyment while you discover this tropical oasis. When you crave a break from the sun, head back onboard and get your game on. With large payouts and jackpots, you'll be on the edge of your seat.