Puerto Montt, Chile

The Plaza de Armas
The Craft Market
The Angelmó Fishing District

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Puerto Montt

Under the Volcano

Established in the 1850s by German settlers, Puerto Montt is beautifully situated on the Seno de Reloncaví (Strait of Reloncaví) – where your MSC cruise ship awaits you –, with snowcapped mountains clearly visible beyond the sound on a good day and the Osorno vulcan behind.

Puerto Montt is a large, busy city with traffic-choked streets. 
The town stretches along the bay, with Avenida Diego Portales running east along the seafront towards the Plaza de Armas – the center, surrounded by banks, cheap bars and restaurants. West of the main bus terminal, Avenida Costanera takes you to the busy passenger port with a feria artesanal (craft market) and the Angelmó fishing district
While enjoying your MSC World Cruise, you can take day trips from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas. Dominating the southwestern corner of the lake, it has become a popular resort town and backpacker haunt, with unparalleled sunset views of the two nearby volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco
Rivalling Pucón in terms of nearby outdoor attractions, Puerto Varas does not feel too crowded despite its popularity, and makes an excellent base for volcano-climbing, white-water rafting, kayaking and cycling. Though the town is spread out almost 2 miles of lakefront, most services, hostels and restaurants are located within a couple of blocks of the little Plaza de Armas. 
The town’s German colonial architecture gives it a European feel, and notable early twentieth century buildings like the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (1915-18) and private residences include Casa Kuschel, on Klenner 299 (1910), Casona Alemana (1914) at Nuestra Señora del Carmen 788 and Casa Angulo (1910) at Miraflores 96.

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    Lunar Valleys and Glasses of Wine
    Lunar Valleys and Glasses of Wine

    Sandwiched between the snowy white peaks of the Andes and the waves of the Pacific Ocean, Chile is the perfect country for outdoor activities and nature lovers thanks to its stunning national parks and reserves, which protect an incredible variety of plants and animals.

    An MSC World Cruise will take you to the very end of this extremely long country – over 2,500 miles – from Arica, on the Chile-Peru border, to Punta Arenas, on the border between Chile and Argentina, including everything else on the way! 
    During a cruise you may not get to see the driest desert in the world – the Atacama desert with its fascinating Valley of the Moon – the high trails in the Parque Nacional Lauca, all at an altitude of between 13,000 and 20,000 feet, or the volcanic peaks and verdant landscapes of the Región de Los Lagos (very similar to the European Alps), but you will definitely have the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness of Patagonia and the statues carved by the Rapa Nui on Easter Island. 
    An MSC day trip will take you to the capital of Chile, Santiago, which is easily reachable from the colorful port of Valparaiso. The city is located in the country's central valley, near an area that is characterized by its vineyards, for example Colchagua Valley, and ski resorts.