Cruises from Venice to Greece
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Your Greek adventure begins after boarding in Venice, Italy – one of the most iconic sailaways to experience. Book 2 passengers for the price of 1 and get ready to explore the best of Greece & other exotic ports-of-call along the Adriatic coast. With everything from sun-kissed beaches to fascinating cultures, experience the natural wonders & legendary cities of the Eastern Mediterranean. 


Visit exciting ports, such as:


• Santorini, Greece: Known for its’ traditional white churches with blue domes – it’s one of the most picturesque & well-recognized Greek islands

• Mykonos, Greece: A popular beach destination with a happening night life

• Dubrovnik, Croatia: A medieval city frozen in time that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

• Katakolon, Greece: A small seaside town in the shadows of Olympia – the archaeological site of the original Olympic Stadium 

 Santorini, Greece: Rising from the sea, the caldera of Santorini is known for its’ dramatic landscape and white-washed buildings 

 Piraues (Athens), Greece: Regarded as the birthplace of modern democracy and the site of the world-famous Parthenon 

• Corfu, Greece: One of the most elegant islands in all of Greece with beautiful architecture and natural beauty

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