Your MSC Cruise Excursions

Only the sea inspires new discovery

Seek the extraordinary and make your cruise holiday an unforgettable adventure.


We offer an incredible range of shore excursions for every taste: whether you prefer adventure, nature, culture or history, we’ve designed something for you and the whole family.
From Culture & History and our breathtaking Scenic Routes, to our Active & Adventure tours and the discovery of Natural Wonders, to Sea & Sun’s relax, our Something Special experiences and our Accessible Tours, you can enjoy the treasures of each destination just as you like.


We’ve also created the Excursions Explorer Package, MSC Bike Adventours and MSC PROTECTOURS (Sustainable excursions), which only we offer and are available on selected MSC Cruises' itineraries.

Choose your MSC Cruise Excursion online and take advantage of our pre-boarding rates.

Please note the excursion programme only provides an overview of the tours that can be arranged in each port and final tour descriptions and prices will be confirmed on board. Shore excursion programme and itineraries may vary depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen events in relation to the timing on the day of the tour and / or subject to change based on local regulations or other restrictions, in context of the COVID-19 situation. To find out the excursions available for your cruise, please log in by clicking here.


*Prices shown in the personal area are already discounted