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Your Loyalty Level Matched. Your Benefits Maintained.

Are you a loyalty member of another cruise line, hotel, or tour operator? If so, it’s time to discover our MSC Cruises Status Match program, which makes it easy to bring your earned benefits from another loyalty program with you and instantly enjoy comparable (or even greater) privileges on your future MSC Cruises sailings.

Enrollment is free and easy. Simply submit your Status Match request by completing the form below and we’ll contact you once you’ve been approved and matched to your new MSC Voyagers Club loyalty tier. Once approved, you’ll instantly qualify for a 5% discount on future MSC Cruises sailings, where you’ll also receive onboard discounts for photos, Wi-Fi, and spa services; complimentary gifts; and other valuable savings. When you sail with MSC Cruises, you’ll immediately enjoy all of the privileges you’re used to —and then some.

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File formats accepted are doc, docx, and pdf. Maximum file size is 4MB. A unique email address is required and once the application has been confirmed, you will receive a message to the email address provided with an MSC Voyagers Club Card Number. 

If you are already an MSC Voyagers Club member, please enter your full name as you did during the MSC Voyagers Club enrollment process.
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Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our Status Match Program.

What is the Status Match program?

Our Status Match program allows you to join the MSC Voyagers Club by bringing your benefits from another cruise line with you and instantly enjoying comparable – or even better – privileges on your next MSC Cruises sailing. Once approved, you’ll immediately qualify for a 5% discount on any future MSC Cruises sailing, where you’ll receive onboard discounts for photos, Wi-Fi, spa services, complimentary gifts, and other valuable savings.

How does the MSC Voyagers Club differ from other cruise lines?

As a member of the MSC Voyagers Club, you’ll receive discounts when you book your cruise. You will also earn rewards points based on the type of experience you select and the pre-paid onboard services you choose as well as any time you spend on board.

If I’m a high-level member in my other loyalty program, what status will I receive with MSC?

We compare and match you as closely as possible to your current level of benefits. Once matched, you’ll receive the full benefits offered by the matched tier, including booking discounts. Simply submit your Status Match request and receive approval to confirm your new Voyagers Club Status.

How do I apply for the Status Match program?

Status Match requests can be done here or via a Travel Agent in MSC Book. Submissions cannot be completed by the Contact Center.