Status Match Program

What is the Status Match program?

Our Status Match program allows you to join the MSC Voyagers Club by bringing your benefits from another cruise line with you and instantly enjoying comparable – or even better – privileges on your next MSC Cruises sailing. Once approved, you’ll immediately qualify for a 5% discount on any future MSC Cruises sailing, where you’ll receive onboard discounts for photos, Wi-Fi, spa services, complimentary gifts, and other valuable savings.

How does the MSC Voyagers Club differ from other cruise lines?

As a member of the MSC Voyagers Club, you’ll receive discounts when you book your cruise. You will also earn rewards points based on the type of experience you select and the pre-paid onboard services you choose as well as any time you spend on board.

If I’m a high-level member in my other loyalty program, what status will I receive with MSC?

We compare and match you as closely as possible to your current level of benefits. Once matched, you’ll receive the full benefits offered by the matched tier, including booking discounts. Simply submit your Status Match request and receive approval to confirm your new Voyagers Club Status.

How do I apply for the Status Match program?

Status Match requests can be done here or via a Travel Agent in MSC Book. Submissions cannot be completed by the Contact Center.

Is there a limit on how many times I can request a Status Match?

You may only apply for a Status Match one time. Multiple submissions will not be accepted or approved. If you are a member of multiple loyalty programs, be sure to select the one with the greatest value to maximize your benefits.

How long will it take for my Status Match to be completed?

You will receive an approval email (to the email included in the application) with your new MSC Voyagers’ Club number and determined status within 72 hours of submission.

You will receive a second email within 48 hours officially welcoming you to the MSC Voyagers Club. Once you’re approved via Status Match, terms & conditions of the MSC Voyagers Club apply.

Can my children apply for Status Match?

Status Match is only available to guests 18 years and older. However, there is no minimum age for the MSC Voyagers Club. Once a member, your children will start earning rewards immediately. Click here to view terms & conditions.

My children are under 18 and cannot apply to Status Match. Will they receive the same status and benefits as me?

The MSC Voyagers Club member benefits offer both passenger benefits and stateroom benefits for all passengers in the stateroom. For example, the MSC Voyagers Club Discount applies to all passengers in the cabin regardless of age or loyalty tier. However, the onboard credit, if applicable, applies to the member only.

I received Gold membership level with the Status Match program. I have two additional cabins traveling with me who are not members of another cruise line or hotel. Can I extend my benefits to them?

The MSC Voyagers Club benefits are non-transferable and are only applicable to you and your cabin. Benefits are not extendable to additional cabins traveling together.