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The relaxation of global travel requirements and our health and safety protocols now make it easier for more guests to sail with us.

Vaccination & Testing Requirements:

  • Vaccination is recommended but no longer required on most cruises.
  • Vaccinated guests must show proof of vaccination at embarkation and are recommended but not required to submit a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Unvaccinated guests are required to submit a negative test at embarkation.
  • All crew members are vaccinated and regularly tested.


U.S. Residents Sailing From U.S. Ports:

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to or during your cruise, you and your traveling party will receive a full or prorated refund and assistance if required, with onboard medical care and land-based quarantine.


A Full Experience:

  • Our protocols are designed to make your cruise experience enjoyable and as safe as possible. You will be free to disembark and independently visit ports of call wherever local regulations allow it.


All guests must follow vaccination and testing protocols which may vary based on local requirements as well as general travel industry requirements to and from ports of embarkation.


For ships departing from U.S. ports, wearing masks and social distancing onboard are optional for fully vaccinated guests and recommended but not required for unvaccinated guests.

Masks are optional unless required by local regulation in our terminals. Guests must follow all local mask regulation at public ports of call. Protocols are subject to change.

The exact protocols for Winter 2022/23 itineraries are subject to change and will adapt according to the evolution of the pandemic and local requirements. Information will be updated on a regular basis when available.




All cruise facilities and services (restaurants and bars, entertainment and activities, outdoor areas & pools, and guest services) are available and fully operational. On board our ships you'll enjoy a unique cruise experience with total peace of mind.


Onboard services are subject to changes based on local regulations or other restrictions. The wearing of face masks is highly recommended. In certain circumstances, this recommendation might be due to a mandatory requirement by applicable health authority’s regulations of a country or port of call visited.

*Thermal Area experiences are by appointment only. 


Guests will be able to go ashore independently according to local requirements which are continuously monitored and subject to change. Guests who are traveling with unvaccinated children are also able to go ashore independently. For the best ashore experience, we recommend all guests explore destinations with the comfort, convenience, and safety of an MSC Cruises Shore Excursion, which is bookable pre-cruise and on board.



- Are there any travel restrictions or travel requirements based on a destination?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there might be international travel restrictions depending on your cruise destination and your country of residence. Currently, guests who are residents in Iran, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore are not permitted to cruise (until October 2022).

In addition, travel requirements might be different according to your cruise destination. Please select your destination below.



- Is travel insurance required in order to cruise?

For U.S. and Puerto Rico residents departing on cruises from a U.S. port:


MSC Cruises encourages but does not require guests to purchase travel insurance either through MSC Cruises or another provider. Guests can purchase travel insurance within 24 hours of making their final payment.


View full details of MSC Cruises travel insurance


MSC Cruises provides COVID-19 assistance at no extra charge for U.S. and Puerto Rico residents who are fully vaccinated.  Children under the required vaccination age based on the dates above, regardless of vaccination status, traveling with fully vaccinated parents/guardians (with proof of vaccination) also benefit from this assistance.    


If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14-days prior to your cruise, you and your traveling party will receive a full refund.


If you test positive for COVID-19 at the terminal, you and your traveling party will receive a full refund and assistance, if required, with land-based quarantine.


If you test positive for COVID-19 during your cruise, you and your traveling party will receive a pro-rated refund and assistance, if required, with onboard medical care and land-based quarantine.

For U.S. and Puerto Rico residents departing on cruises from a non-U.S. port and non-U.S. residents departing on cruises from U.S. and international ports:

For all new reservations, beginning July 1, 2022, MSC Cruises strongly encourages but does not require guests to purchase travel insurance with COVID-19 protection either through MSC Cruises or another provider. Guests can purchase travel insurance within 24 hours of making their final payment. 

During your cruise, you may be exposed to specific COVID-19 risks that may not be covered by existing insurance policies without COVID-19 protection such as cancellation, interruption, repatriation expenses, quarantine, medical assistance, and related expenses, as well as hospitalization.  If you have no insurance in place, you may be exposed to additional costs that may not be covered by the company.

The insurance should be purchased to cover you and your traveling party from the confirmation date of your booking through the end of your cruise and flight or your Stay & Cruise package.


View full details of MSC Cruises travel insurance


- What will happen if embarkation is denied to a guest for health reasons?

If a guest presents symptoms of illness such as temperature higher than 99.5°F / 37.5°C or there are concerns with their health questionnaire, the guest will undertake a secondary screening, including in-depth interview, a second temperature measurement, a medical examination and, if necessary, a laboratory examination.

If a guest is then not considered fit to travel, they will be assisted in their next steps of a return home or will be potentially being treated in a local medical facility to ensure maximum support and care. . All guests who have purchased travel insurance with COVID-19 protection will be fully protected. 

- How will the check-in take place?

Before the cruise, the collection of contact details for each guest is mandatory in case of important updates. Proceeding to the web check-in allows guests to receive cruise tickets, travel documentation, and mandatory health questionnaires. On embarkation day, guests should arrive with the required documentation at the time indicated on their cruise ticket.

  • Fully vaccinated guests must present their original vaccination card or certificate reflecting all required doses at embarkation prior to boarding. The vaccination card/certificate must be valid for the duration of the entire cruise.
  • For guests who are fully vaccinated, testing is recommended (within 3 days of embarkation before boarding) but not required (with proof of vaccination), per our vaccination requirements.
  •  Unvaccinated guests must show proof of a lab-administered negative COVID-19 viral test (NAAT or antigen). Please visit our Travel Requirements section by destination for COVID-19 testing requirements prior to embarkation. 

    Before the cruise, MSC Cruises invites all guests to download for free the MSC for Me* app to start booking additional services, to secure space and to ensure a seamless onboard experience. 

*MSC For Me is only available on select ships


- What happens if there is a suspected case of COVID-19 on board?

The preventative health and safety steps in the protocols are designed to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission on board. In the event that someone should fall sick, we have a fully equipped onboard 24/7 Medical Centre with highly qualified medical staff who are fully trained for COVID-19 treatment and who are supported by a 24/7 ashore medical team. 


In case of flu-like symptoms, guests should notify immediately the Medical Centre and free treatment will be provided. If the onboard medical team determines a suspected COVID-19 case, a comprehensive isolation procedure and response plan will be activated in close cooperation with the health authorities.


- Will the self-service at buffet be available?

Self-service at the buffet restaurant is now available again.

- Will Specialty Restaurants be open?

Yes, our sought-after Specialty Restaurants are available at the time of booking to help guests secure spaces and save money compared to onboard prices. Book your specialty dining prior to your cruise and save up to 35% vs. onboard prices.