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Mindelo is located in Porto Grande Bay, on the northern shores of Cape Verde’s stunning São Vicente island. This  MSC World Cruise is celebrated for its Brazilian-influenced Carnival, colourful colonial architecture, glorious harbour, and rugged mountains.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

• São Vicente City Sights
• 4x4 Adventure and São Vicente Volcanoes
• Santo Antão Island

Take an MSC Cruises excursion across São Vicente to soak up the captivating atmosphere of cosmopolitan Mindelo. On your way to Catfish Bay, walk along the town’s charming streets, where you’ll pass a number of grand sculptures honouring historical personalities. 

See Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral, the two Portuguese aviators who flew across the Atlantic in 1922. Then, admire the rugged hills that act as a backdrop to the city and the turquoise Atlantic Ocean.
Enjoy an MSC Cruises excursion across the remote and unspoilt tracks of São Vicente island. Riding in an exciting 4x4 truck, you’ll venture over rugged terrain and volcanic landscapes. See villages nestled on the sides of the Calhau and Viana volcanoes before catching a glimpse of daily country life. Approaching the coast, visit the stunning Mindelo beach, known for its glorious golden sand and pale turquoise waters.
An exciting adventure awaits, on an MSC Cruises excursion, to the island of Santo Antão. Here, you’ll tour the beautiful Ribeira Grande Valley with its deep canyons, extinct Cova volcano, and enchanting emerald slopes. Next, admire the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, which is surrounded by Portuguese colonial buildings. Afterwards, stop by Ponta do Sol for a delightful lunch before touring a traditional rum distillery.

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