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The richest historic and cultural heritage in the world

Italy has always been a favourite destination of travellers the world over. Thanks to its natural beauty, and its history going back thousands of years, it offers a host of attractions and opportunities. The historic and cultural heritage of Italy is among the richest in the world, and it has undoubtedly had a strong impact on world culture. Italy boasts the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites (51), and it is the country with the largest number of visitors per square metre.

Choose an MSC Italy Cruise and discover some of the country’s most beautiful artistic cities, such as Venice, with its canals and reputation as the most romantic city in the world, or Rome, the Eternal City, capital of the Roman empire and for centuries the political and cultural capital of western civilisation.

However, this is not all… there is also the picturesque Tuscan countryside, with its vineyards and medieval hamlets, not to mention Sardinia and Sicily, which are famous, the world over for their magnificent beaches.

Finally, and just as important, every Italian destination provides visitors with a chance to taste the varied delights of the finest Italian culinary tradition. Do not miss the chance to taste an authentic pizza in Naples, or a wonderful pasta dish.

An MSC Mediterranean cruise is an opportunity to enjoy a world of natural beauty and a range of gastronomic delights.