Children's Dining

Children’s Dining

Unbeatable recipes for happy kids

Unbeatable recipes for happy kids

The MSC secret to children’s dining is both beautifully varied and deliciously simple. We lavish the same care on them as on the adults. So they have their own menus of succulent Mediterranean and international cuisine. Their own special culinary selections. And their own dining entertainment options that make happy families kid’s play.

 - Dedicated children’s menus
  • Main Restaurant Children’s Menu available on board the whole fleet. For all Mediterranean destinations, the menus will offer preparations suitable for children who are older than one year, together with a special selection of dishes suitable for babies between 6 and 12 months of age, thanks to a new partnership with the Osservatorio Chicco.
  • Dedicated children’s section in Main Restaurant Breakfast Menu 
  • Tex-Mex Restaurant Children’s Menu
  • Yacht Club kids' menu 
  • Buffet Restaurant Kids Corner of constantly changing favorites

 - Scrumptious poolside snacks and treats

 - Fun Time Dinners - Kids dinners with the entertainment staff every day in the buffet restaurant plus terrific themed parties. Let your kids be entertained while you savor special moments of your own! (Free service)

 - Happy Dinners - A snappy dinner with the family in the Main Restaurant, choosing from a dedicated children’s menu. When the children have finished at their usual enthusiastic speed, they are escorted to Miniclub play by the entertainment staff while the adults sit back and relax into a leisurely dining experience (Free service)

 - Generation Dinners - Teenager dinners with the entertainment staff in the buffet restaurant every day