South America

A lively continent of contradictions, from Brazil to Argentina
An out of the ordinary journey at the other end of the world
Endless white beaches and crystal clear waters

Find South America Cruises

South America Cruises

Cruising to the beat of the music
Cruising to the beat of the music

This is the land of Samba and Tango, a continent in which you can still get a taste of the atmospheres of a lost world
South America should be experienced above all through the senses, so as to be swept away by its high spirits and cultural liveliness.

A journey on an MSC Cruise is an experience, a discovery of the natural beauty offered by the environmental sanctuaries that look like they’re straight out of an adventure novel, endless white beaches and crystal clear waters. And its main cities along the coast are authentic jewels, that can be explored with the excursions organized by MSC: cultural melting pots in which to let yourself go to the rhythm of the music.

For an out of the ordinary journey. Enjoy the expanse of glittering Brazilian beaches of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro or Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza, delve into the history of Montevideo and Punta del Este in Uruguay, lose yourself amidst the colonial style palaces of the Argentinian quarter of San Telmo In Buenos Aires.

Because South America, a lively land of contradictions, should be experienced fully.

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