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The City of a Thousand Attractions

Los Angeles is a huge city with a thousand facets and attractions, one of the most stimulating urban centers that can be visited ever.

Your MSC World Cruise will take you on the discovery of a place that has no equal, with its golden Pacific beaches, theme parks from the film world and walks down Sunset Boulevard with the Walk of Fame and its various museums. Los Angeles is perfect for those who enjoy shopping, entertainment and relaxation for a truly unforgettable vacation.
What will the main stops on your MSC Cruises excursion be? No doubt a visit to Beverly Hills, the exclusive center of fashion and beauty where you can admire a multitude of homes in full California style. This residential area is famous for its proximity to Hollywood and for being home to many movie stars, as well as for hosting some of the most beautiful restaurants, shops and hotels in the world.
And how could you not visit impressive Malibu, the seaside town in the west of the coast of Los Angeles. The beaches here are the best for swimming and sunbathing, thanks to the beautiful landscape that accompanies them, the jagged mountains of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Not far from Malibu is Santa Monica, another glittering attraction known for its famous Luna Park that was built on the pier in 1909. This bustling city is also popular for its climate, the beauty of the coast, the efficiency of its services, its clubs, shops and lively pedestrian streets that are full of street artists who have made Santa Monica one of the main destinations of Los Angeles. With MSC Cruises, you will have the chance to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world with your own eyes. 

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