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Islands of Happiness

Hawaii is all of this and much more, beautiful wild islands led by the "Big Island", whose capital is the charming city of Hilo. It is here that you will fall in love with an old authentic culture. It is here that your MSC World Cruise will take you.

Hilo is one of the most interesting and diverse cities of the archipelago, a special place for an unforgettable holiday that gives the gift of strong emotions both to those who are looking for peace and those who prefer adventurous excursions in a pristine habitat. Here the sea, sunny beaches, surf and magical local hospitality come together with the breathtaking beauty of rough trails, rain forests, secret bays, coffee plantations and small rural towns light years away from frenetic tourism.

In this land, you will discover the magic of traveling with MSC Cruises. On Big Island, you can also find Volcanoes National Park, home of Kilauea, an active volcano for the past 30 years that continues to pour lava into the sea, gradually increasing and changing the island's outward appearance. There are two possible paths for visitors, one that goes around the Caldera and the other that descends towards the area of the lava flows. There is another marvel that awaits you during your vacation with MSC Cruises - Rainbow Falls, the waterfalls in Hilo that are 24 meters high and which offer visitors the spectacle of multiple rainbows in the morning mist. The gorge is filled with lush forest and the natural turquoise pool that the Wailuku River flows into is surrounded by wild ginger.

The waterfalls flow over a natural lava cave, home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess.

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