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Cruise ships rarely visit the port of La Possession, on the splendid Punta des Galets. This makes it one of the most unique stops of an MSC cruise to Southern Africa. As soon as you disembark, you can head off on an excursion to the so-called Circus of Salazie, the remains of an enormous volcanic caldera located a few kilometers from La Possession.

Instead of geysers of lava, extinguished centuries ago, you will find an explosion of life, where marvels of nature live side by side with small towns scattered throughout a lush forest. The view you will enjoy as you ascend along the windy road is indescribable. However, not all of the fire has gone out. In the Piton de la Fournaise, you can still admire two active volcano craters, the Dolomieu and the Bory, which filled with lava in 2007.

During your holiday with MSC Cruises, another excursion offered by MSC will introduce you to Saint-Denis and its impressive examples of Creole architecture. Its houses, a product of the woodworking skills of the local boat builders going back to the 1800s, stand side by side with the bold architectural works of the 20th century.

In Saint-Denis, the Central Post Office, which is reminiscent of some Algerian cities, and the unique building housing the Department of Agriculture and Forestry are worth a visit; both were designed by Jean Bossu, a student of Le Corbusier. Don’t miss out on the markets of Saint-Denis, where you will be able to find spices, vegetables, fruit, flowers, the famous smoked meat boucané and a wide variety of local craftworks, such as vases, baskets and pestles for preparing the rougail, a condiment served with cari, a dish typical of the island.

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