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Relaxed elegance

Of all the cities of southern Sweden, the largest is the western port of Göteborg, which you can see from the ship during your MSC cruise of Northern Europe.
Built by the Dutch in 1621, Göteborg has splendid neo-classic architecture, a number of parks peppered with sculptures and a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The urban landscape comprising wide avenues, elegant squares, trams and canals, is not only one of the most attractive in Sweden, but is also the backdrop of the biggest Scandinavian airport, making Göteborg a cosmopolitan destination.

The best way to start an excursion is to cruise along the city’s canals to then reach the old quarter. Enclosed by the Göta river to the north and the meandering Rosenlundkanalen to the south, the streets of the historic centre are flanked by majestic facades, interesting markets and a couple of museums worth visiting, like the exceptional Stadsmuseum and the Maritiman, next to the port, which displays a host of nautical exhibits.

When you cross the canal that runs along the border of the historic centre, you come to Trädgårdsföreningen park which fills with multi-coloured flowers in the summer, making it a favorite location for a picnic. As you continue southwards, towards the modern centre, you will come to Avenyn, the avenue with the flashy bars and restaurants. At one end of the Avenyn, is the modern Götaplatsen, the city’s main square in the centre of which rises Carl Milles’ Poseidon: a huge, bronze bodybuilder with an incredibly fierce expression.

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