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Comfortably facing over the sea

Attractive and friendly, Stavanger offers visitors arriving on an MSC cruise a variety of activities. Starting from a visit to the town itself, that has a centre full of shops, narrow streets climbing up the hill and an attractive cathedral.
You should walk around the old part of town facing the sea where your cruise ship will be anchored. In Stavanger you can enjoy visiting museums. Amongst the most interesting area the oil museum, the canning museum, the Rogaland art museum or the children’s museum.

Take a stroll in the environs of Stavanger instead to explore the 23 iron figures that form the “Broken Column” a sculpture by Antony Gormley. In Hafrsfjord look for the three swords in the rock, a monument celebrating the Vikings’ battle of 872 A.D. led by King Harald I. Nearby is the Jærmuseet science centre, elected the “best museum in Norway” in 2009. But the region of Stavanger is known especially for its fjords and in particular the Lysefjord.

The mountain walls drop almost a thousand meters vertically along the 42 kilometers of coast, for that is the depth of the sea in this narrow passage. An excursion on the waters is an experience you won’t forget. Also because from here one can admire one of the most famous attractions in Norway, the Preikestolen (the Pulpit), a rocky outcrop soaring 600 meters above the fjord. With an hour and half’s walk from the driveway you can reach this exceptional work of nature .

Another tourist attraction is Kjerag, a peak rising 1100 meters above sea level that dominates the Lysefjord, with its northern face plummeting into the sea. But it’s a little lower down, at about 980 meters that you find a natural masterpiece generated by the elements: the Kjeragbolten, a massive rock jammed between two rock faces.

The excursion takes up most of the day, but the awesome spectacle is worth the effort.

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