Start planning your cruise and book your excursions in Narvik and its surroundings
Cruise to Narvik, Norway | MSC Cruises
Start planning your cruise and book your excursions in Narvik and its surroundings

Over 135 miles inside the Arctic Circle, Narvik, Norway is one of the world’s most northerly towns and a Bronze Age Viking settlement. Here, inviting coloured houses sit in front of a backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains — a landscape renowned for its unbeatable hiking.

In the summer, the landscape is bathed in the warm rays of the midnight sun, while the colder months offer a chance to see the magical northern lights. An MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination, Narvik is a place where one can fully immerse themselves in Norwegian traditions before venturing out into the fjord-dotted wilderness.

Select a truly memorable tour from a list of MSC Cruises excursions including:

• Polar Park Visit
• Narvik from Above via the Cable Car
• Sami Family Traditions

For animal lovers, a visit to the remote wildlife centre Polar Park is an absolute must. Set in 110 hectares of natural habitat, get up close and personal with some of Norway’s most iconic predators including wolves, lynx, bears, and the elusive Arctic fox.
Tour the grounds with a zookeeper, watch the feeding sessions, or venture into the wolf enclosure for the experience of a lifetime! Polar Park also offers a cafe, kiosk, and well-stocked gift shop. It’s fun for the whole family.

Seeking unforgettable views of the city and the surrounding Norwegian wilderness? Take a ride on the Narvik Cable Car. At 656 meters above sea level, you’ll enjoy panoramic visions of the fjords and mountains before reaching Narvikfjellet Restaurant with its spectacular backdrop.

For an anthropological look into authentic Nordic culture and traditions, nothing beats a visit to the Oskal family and their herd of reindeers at the Aurora Husky camp in wild Målselv. Here, you’ll learn about their indigenous way of life from present day all the way back to their ancestors.


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