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Cherbourg, situated at the tip of the Cotentin peninsula facing the English coastline on the other side of the sea, is a city open to the sea, bathed by the gentle Gulf Stream. Perched on the highest cliffs in Europe, this MSC Northern Europe destination is the gateway to a region with world-renowned historical monuments, nature reserves and a local cuisine with great produce from both land and sea. It also preserves the memory of major historical events.

During this stopover, you will be able to discover the region's must-see sites on an MSC excursion such as: 

• Cap de La Hague
• Mont Saint-Michel
• Omaha Beach & the American Cemetery

A point of interest of the Cap de La Hague region is the port Racine - the smallest port in France - a miniature jewel with fragrance with iodine notes. You will also love the hamlets around La Hague, where the traditional houses huddle together to face the winds sometimes violent. Jean-François Millet, one of the region's most famous painters, often painted them on his canvases.

Nestled between Granville and Cancale, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1970s. A simple church dedicated to Saint Michael built in 708, the mount was over the centuries the object of covetousness of the Bretons, Normans and English. The monks were expelled from the monastic buildings during the French Revolution and they were used as a prison for several years. Its abbey is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is the site of the highest tides in Europe and a protected nature reserve.

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