Western Mediterranean CRUISES

Mesmerising coastlines, Fantastic Food, and Historical Cities.

Mesmerising coastlines, Fantastic Food, and Historical Cities.

A Western Mediterranean cruise is not only an opportunity to relax on holiday, it is a gateway into new cultures, new cuisines, and a plethora of adventures! An MSC cruise to the western Mediterranean is a chance to see several cities and countries all on one cruise.

One of the best locations in the Western Mediterranean is Spain, and rightly so with must-see ports like Barcelona, or Valencia. Spanish ports have the perfect balance of delicious food, beautiful beaches, and amazing attractions. When you book cruises in the Mediterranean with MSC, you will find many of our sailings embarking from Barcelona – a city that never ceases to amaze its visitors. You’re spoiled for choice in Barcelona, from the excellent local food found in and around La Boqueria, to the scenic views on Barceloneta beach. And who can forget the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi such as Park Guell, and La Sagrada Familia.

Western Mediterranean cruises don’t just end there – you can also sail from the French Riviera to the Italian Riveria, and further south to Rome, Florence, Sicily, or even Malta! The French Riviera bolsters iconic cities in the south of France like Cannes, and Marseille. Enjoy the sun, the sea, the resorts and luxury shopping in Cannes. Or get a slice of everyday life by visiting Marseille, where you can find the iconic meal bouillabaisse made from freshly caught fish in the sea, before losing yourself in a lavender field on the countryside.

The Italian Riviera holds many attractions, such as Portofino – the vibrant fishing village near Genoa. Carry on sailing, and many of our itineraries include a stop in fabulous cities like Livorno (Florence), Naples, and even Civitavecchia (Rome). Our ships will dock in Civitavecchia, and after a short transfer to Rome, you will be dazzled by the eternal cities’ historical sites, mouth-watering food and perfect climate during the summer. Rome is known as the eternal city for many reasons, but predominantly for its wealth of ancient landmarks from ancient Roman, including the world-renowned Colosseum. Any fans of Italian food will be pleased to find many spots to try local pasta dishes such as Carbonara, and Cacio e pepe.
The Western Mediterranean holds many more wonders, so experience it for yourself and book a western mediteranean cruise for 2024 - 2025.