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The northernmost country in Africa, Tunisia, is a jewel in the continent’s crown — a landscape that boasts abundant natural beauty, exceptional archaeological sites, and turquoise water to write home about. 
An MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination, the city of Tunis (and the port of La Goulette) delivers a wealth of attractions that are waiting to be discovered, from the UNESCO-listed Medina with its mausoleums and palaces to its white-washed, cobbled satellite town. 

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Antoninus Baths
Roman Cisterns of La Malga
Sidi Bou Said

An excursion from the Tunis port of La Goulette to the remains of ancient Carthage will see you visiting the largest Roman thermae built in Africa. Dating back to 145 AD, the Baths of Antoninus overlook the azure Mediterranean sea and feature a range of impressive relics including a Punic necropolis, a Christian funerary chapel with a mosaic floor, and a regal nearby amphitheatre.

Only minutes from the baths, discover the Roman Cisterns of La Malga which were designed to deliver water to the city of Carthage thousands of years ago. Today, these ancient storage tanks catch the eye with their numerous tunnels that create unusual patterns rising up from the earth.

Alternatively, venture along the coast to Sidi Bou Said, an Andalusian-inspired seaside enclave that’s known for the bright white of its buildings, the intense blue of its doors, windows and balconies, and the sandy hue of its cobbled streets. Named after the Tunisian Sufi scholar who lived there, this picture-postcard town erupts with bougainvillea flowers and offers a range of restaurants near the water’s edge.


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