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A witness to some of the world’s most powerful empires, including Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman, Turkey is abundant with ancient relics and UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s a country renowned for its sweeping ocean vistas, bustling souks, archaeological wonders, and stark Saharan landscapes.
Kusadasi and Ephesus, two of its seaside towns, are both an MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination ⁠— one a glamorous beach resort overlooking the glittering Aegean Sea, the other an age-old commercial centre full of captivating antiquities.   

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Virgin Mary House 
St. John Church

Not far from modern-day Selcuk lies ancient Ephesus, a city that’s peppered with romantic remains spanning classical Greece to the Roman Empire. Spend the day admiring artifacts in the Archaeological Museum, cast your gaze over the countryside from Ayasuluk Fortress, soak up the sun at the Great Theatre, or marvel at one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the majestic Temple of Artemis.

Make a pilgrimage to Virgin Mary House where it’s purported St. Mary, mother of Jesus, spent the last years of her life. Rediscovered in the 19th century by a Roman Catholic nun, the venue is now a sacred place to pay a visit and features a wishing well, baptismal pool, enchanting chapel, and cobbled courtyard garden.

For those who prefer architectural opulence instead of rusticity, discover the awe-inspiring interiors of the Anglican Church of St. John the Evangelist. Located in the coastal city of Izmir, this venerated religious site is home to a collection of fine paintings, a kaleidoscopic domed ceiling, and a majestic marble altar.


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