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Ceuta is a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa and an MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination. Neighboring Morocco, this seaside jewel is rich with wonders — from awe-inspiring architecture to glamorous palm-fringed streets.
Bustling tapas bars, sun-kissed plazas, and duty-free shopping are just some of its envies. Discover ancient ruins and golden beaches, religious sites and art museums.

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Royal City Walls
Fortress de Hacho

See the Royal City Walls of Ceuta, dating between 962 and the 18th century. This mesmerising fortification is a feast for the eyes and is listed as a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest. 
Rising from the aquamarine water like something from a medieval fairy tale, the walls can be viewed on foot or by boat. At the heart of the ramparts lies Museo de las Murallas Reales, a charming two-story art gallery.

Venture further afield to the Moroccan city of Tetouan with its vanilla-hued buildings and majestic mountain backdrop. Here, you can spend your day wandering the UNESCO World Heritage listed medina, celebrated for its labyrinth of ancient lanes and vibrant Berber markets.

For those who adore glorious views, journey to Fortress de Hacho — a Byzantine fort atop a beautiful mountain that’s often claimed as one of the Pillars of Hercules. This elevated attraction casts its gaze across Ceuta below and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.


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