An unexpected little paradise
Kotor Cruise
An unexpected little paradise

On an MSC Cruise, you will discover Bar, the largest of the ports contained in the Balkan treasure chest. You will enter the heart of one of the smallest European countries, ready to offer you an enjoyable adventure beyond all expectations.

Your MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you to a beautiful coastline with long sandy beaches and crystalline waters, counterbalancing the rugged inland mountainous area, with majestic mountains more than 2,000 meters high, such as the imposing Mount Rumija. The multi-faceted beauty of this territory has inspired the many ethnic groups who live there to find the key to peaceful coexistence. 

Visiting Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans, during an MSC Excursion, will enchant you with its magical atmosphere, full of ancient myths and legends and its colors that change with the passing of the seasons. The beautiful natural park gathers traditional villages, including Vranjina, a tiny "Montenegrin Venice", rivers and fortresses, one of which is located right in its centre. Lake Skadar represents a splendid habitat for several species of birds and fish.

Another MSC Excursion will take you to the ancient city of Bar, Antibereos for the Greeks, and located further up the hill than the present-day inhabited centre. This "Pompeii of Montenegro" preserves remains of defensive walls, palaces, churches and mosques. You can also admire the Palace of King Nicholas, in typical local style, but with the addition of neoclassical elements. Currently home to the National Museum, it houses collections of firearms, jewelery and furniture from the Petrović-Njegoš family.

Not far from Bar, lies Budva, which you can discover thanks to one of the MSC Excursions. This town stands on a charming islet connected to the mainland by a strip of sand. It will be an architectural and urban jewel to see, especially when you visit the old town with its narrow winding streets, half-hidden squares, churches and fortresses. Strolling through Budva, you can dive into a millenary history that begins with the Greeks and continues to the present day.

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