A pearl of the Mediterranean
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A pearl of the Mediterranean

Croatia is a highly sought-after destination: its crystal-clear sea plus seaside villages, old towns and heritage cities offer relaxing and leisure outdoor experiences. An MSC Cruise will bring you Central European charm and Mediterranean soul.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you to your final destination, a city with over one hundred thousand residents divided into three areas: the waterfront, almost entirely oc-cupied by the port; Korzo, the beating heart of Rijeka with its highstreet overlooked by the historic city centre; and the old downtown. Don't miss the viewpoint from the hill where you can visit the Trsat Castle and the homonymous sanctuary.

One of the MSC Excursions will take you to Krk: the northernmost island in the Mediterranean. It is connected to the mainland by a tie: bays, beaches and jagged seashores joined to the various towns that overlook the Adriatic Sea. Known as the Land of Wine after Vrbnička žlahtina, a dry white wine produced from the native vine žlahtina (noble), grown only in the vineyards of Vrbnik caressed by the wind coming from the sea.

Zagreb is the destination of one of the MSC Excursions. The capital of Croatia with its two different souls, the old Upper Town on a hill, and the more modern Lower Town with clubs, museums, and vibrant creative vibe will surely delight you. The two areas are accessible by funicular. The principal green area of the city is Maksimir Park, one of the oldest in Europe with English gardens, artificial lakes, walks among shrubs and lush plants for those who love nature.

On another MSC Excursion, you shall discover the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a water system comprising of sixteen lakes and a large number of water mirrors joined together by canals and waterfalls. A blue and green landscape will be the setting of your walks on wooden walkways suspended over the water.

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