Caribbean & Southern Caribbean | MSC Cruises

Islands, bays, and coral reefs. The Caribbean is a feeling that drags you with the seductive rhythm of tropical vibes. Imbibe in an ambiance where the clock seems to stop ticking! Is the time to indulge in that Caribbean cruise you've been longing for. Walk among long stretches of white sandy beaches, lie under the balmy shade of magnificent palm trees and dive into a turquoise sea full of coral reefs. Our Caribbean cruises offer the most extensive discovery of idyllic archipelagos.
MSC Cruises even owns a private Caribbean Island!
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, located in the stunning Western Bahamas. This tropical paradise was specially crafted to provide our guests with the most exclusive Caribbean dream!
Explore the Bahamas or discover the enchantment of Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Drift to the sound of lapping waves in Puerto Rico, Guadalupe, or Martinique. Choose a Southern Caribbean cruise and explore St. Lucia or Barbados or even further south to Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy the tropical wonders of Western Caribbean.

Sail to the Cayman Islands or Honduras until you reach Mexican shores and visit ancient Mayans ruins or the mysterious island of Costa Maya. Is there anywhere else on earth where you can experience such a variety of culture and adventure? Discover MSC's cruises to the Caribbean and sail to islands of unparalleled beauty. Plan your next holidays with our Caribbean cruises for 2024 and 2025!