Charlotte Amalie/St. Thomas

Charlotte Amalie Cruise
Discovering the Virgin Islands

On an MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands, experience the spectacular beauty of St. Thomas as you encounter colonial history, panoramic mountaintop views and some of the top-rated beaches in the world.


Disembark in the capital of Charlotte Amalie, whose streets and places still bear Danish names and its history of pirates remains evident to this day.


Experience the charming historic district of the Kongens (King's) Quarter on an MSC excursion[ADD HYPERLINK TO EACH COUNTRY’S UNIQUE EXCURSIONS PAGE ON NEW WEBSITE] that explores the former center of Danish colonial enterprise and visit several National Landmark Properties and historical manor homes including Villa Notman, Britannia House, Crown House, Haagensen House and Hotel 1829.

Visit the landmark 99 Steps—perhaps the most important stepped street of those the Danish built from bricks used by European ships as ballast—which bring you to the famous 17th-century Blackbeard’s Castle, for a chance to step back into the age of the Caribbean pirates and admire stunning views. Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, inspected the bays of the island from the castle’s observation tower, the Skytsborg, which at more than 300 years old, is the oldest structure on the Islands.


A Charlotte Amalie cruise allows you to explore Drake's Seat, another scenic overlook from which all of the Virgin Islands, both the U.S. and the British, can be seen. On a clear day from Drake’s Seat, you can even see Puerto Rico.


To bring out your inner pirate, hop on a pirate schooner, manned by a friendly motley crew, in search of wildlife and snorkeling and beach fun. An MSC excursion that’s great for the whole family, this pirate adventure includes a personal “pirate” tattoo, a turn at the helm as an honorary captain and an eye-patch for the kids.


Or let us whisk you to away to the beach at idyllic Magens Bay, once named by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Slightly tucked away from view, this immaculate sandy beach is framed by palm trees, turquoise water and green hills and marks a perfect spot to sunbathe and snorkel.

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