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Discovering the Japanese Tropics

The sophistication, elegance and ages-old culture of Japan. On an MSC Grand Voyages Cruise, you can discover the ancient beauty of the Okinawa islands. Belonging to the archipelago of Ryūkyū, their capital is Naha.

There are many attractions and monuments that can be visited. These include Shuri Castle, the medieval residence of the Ryūkyū dynasty, the center of government and religious headquarters, and one of nine UNESCO World Heritage sites in Okinawa.
Another UNESCO World Heritage site is Shikinaen Garden, where you can admire the characteristic wooden buildings with red tile roofs that overlook an artificial lake and vegetation that inspires meditation and peace.

Peace Memorial Park has a great emotional impact: near the end of World War II, Okinawa was the scene of a bloody battle between Japan and the US, which killed about 200,000 people, more than half of which were civilians.

Theshopping and restaurant street in Naha isKokusai: two kilometers of bars, cafes, hotels and boutiques where you can linger and enjoy yourself sipping awamori, a typical liqueur from the island served with ice. The capital is also home to the museum of the former underground headquarters of the Japanese Navy and theOkinawa Prefectural Museum, where you can discover the history and culture of Okinawa. To understand how the inhabitants lived, you can also visitRyukyumura Village, a small theme park that recreates a village where craftsmen shape pottery, weave clothing and blankets and where musicians play thesanshinguitar.

Located in front of the East China Sea, thecliff of Cape Manzamouis a true natural sculpture shaped by the ocean: a part of it looks like the trunk of an elephant. It is impossible to leave without taking a photograph.

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