5 paradise islands to explore during our msc world cruise 2021

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We’re excited to announce that the once-in-a-lifetime journey on our MSC World Cruise 2021 will set sail on January 5th of that year. Departing from Genoa, MSC Poesia will first sail the Mediterranean and then sail across the Atlantic, whisking passengers away to 53 incredible destinations in 33 countries over the course of 118 nights! The ship will visit five of the most beautiful islands in the world, staying overnight at gorgeous hotspots and giving you the unique opportunity to explore many highlights a during a single cruise.

Barbados (Bridgetown)
After a four-day crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean, passengers will arrive at Bridgetown, the small yet stunning cultural capital of Barbados, where there is plenty to explore and enjoy. Here you can admire its many colonial buildings, wander to National Heroes Square to visit the infamous statue of Lord Nelson and explore the Parliament Building.
The neighborhood of St. Andrew is also truly intriguing, and is home to the mesmerizing Chalky Mountain Potteries, an artisan pottery center and the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill. While in the St. Michael neighborhood, a visit to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society is not to be missed. The city also boasts triumphs of nature, including Harrison’s Cave, which is home to an array of impressive stalagmites, streams, lakes, waterfalls. One cavern so bright, it’s known locally as ‘The Crystal Room’. Finally a trip to Accra Beach is a must, with its idyllic white sand, transparent waters and a plethora of sea life.

Hawaii (Honolulu)
On day 39, you will reach Honolulu, the cosmopolitan capital of Hawaii. In this charming city by the sea, you will find everything from historic landmarks to fine dining and world-class shopping. The city is home to the world-famous Waikiki Beach, a popular surf beach in the vibrant neighborhood of Waikiki! Honolulu is a hotbed for culinary marvels where you can enjoy typical Hawaiian food and relax in the sun with a tropical cocktail.
It is also home to fascinating history, where the story of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II can be relived and the infamous USS Missouri battleship, the site of the official surrender of the Japanese in 1945, can be explored. The city is also able to lay claim to the only royal palace in the United States.

Western Samoa (Apia)
By day 45 MSC Poesia will have successfully navigated to Apia, Western Samoa. Guests will be immersed within the pristine, majestic surroundings of vast mountains and tropical forests, lakes, rivers and spectacular waterfalls. Apia is a spectacular blend of traditional culture and metropolitan progress which is truly unique. The immaculate Conception Cathedral is an inspirational architectural wonder and definitely worth visiting. The seaside is breathtaking, and visitors will be transported to otherworldly beauty upon visiting the beauty of Piula Cave, which constitutes two freshwater caves a short distance from the sea. But perhaps the gem in Apia’s crown is the Papapapaitai Falls, the highest in the country, which are simply spectacular.

Fiji Islands (Suva)
Fiji is a paradise of tremendous beauty. Its location in the Pacific Ocean creates a sense of calm and awe and its atmosphere offers a welcome break from the hecticness of our modern life. Suva is the capital of Viti Levu, the largest of these magnificent islands. Its rainforests, mountains, canyons and seas are home to an abundance of spectacular flora and fauna, whilst the city is the epicenter for cuisine where visitors can enjoy local dishes. If you are a foodie, we strongly recommend you make time to visit the Municipal Market and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of this lively street market and enjoy the endless array of colourful tropical fruits and vegetables.
Other must-see destinations within the capital include the Fiji National Museum, the Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Suva City Library, which bring to the history of the islands to life and will make you feel further connected to this magical place.

Papua New Guinea (Alotau)
Alotau is a small town on the green hillsides and northern shore of Milne Bay. The gentle hustle of its market and the departure of numerous boats from the vibrant Sanderson Harbor creates a carefree atmosphere you can’t help but soak up. We would recommend a walk up the hill to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the town and breathtaking bay. The WW2 attractions are also fascinating, detailing the fighting between Australia and Japan. War memorials, like the Turnbull Memorial Park and battlefields, are accessible and provide thought-provoking insights into this recent history. The Massime Museum and Cultural Centre House offers a deeper history dating back 400 years for those who want to delve deeper!
Those on board the MSC Poesia on the World Cruise 2021 are set for a truly unique experience, enjoying the spoils of both island paradises and the hustle of the lively cities. Join us when we set sail from Genoa on 5th January 2021 for the journey of a lifetime, all in the ease and excitement our passengers expect from an MSC voyage.