voyages selection: new locations to discover and new 10% discount

Voyages Selection | MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has launched the brand new Voyages Selection routes for the upcoming 2019 winter and summer 2020 seasons, which are now available with a brand new 10% discount!

Voyages Selection comes with membership of MSC Voyagers Club and gives members access to exclusive discounts on selected routes, making for a very generously priced cruise. To make things even better, the discounted rate will also apply to the standard 5% Voyagers Club discount, on top of the advertised Voyages Selection rates.

To offer even more routes where members can access exclusive discounts, MSC Cruises has introduced a new discount rate of 10% to accompany the 5% and 15% discount rates already available on existing Voyages Selection routes. As always, the new 10% discount can be applied in addition to the 5% discount on all bookings made by MSC Voyagers Club members. The new rate means there are exciting additions to the existing routes available on the Voyages Selection.

Winter 2019 2020: MSC Seaside in Caribbean
MSC Seaside will be based out of Miami for the upcoming winter season and will cover destinations in both the western and eastern Caribbean. Tropical paradises await when the ship reaches St. Maarten and the Bahamas, giving guests a chance to experience some warm winter sunshine.

Winter 2019-2020: MSC Lirica in Emirates
MSC Lirica will tour the Middle East, starting in modern Dubai and visiting the ancient city of Muscat along the way, where January temperatures average a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius and there are plenty of historic buildings to explore, their heritage stretching back hundreds of years.

Winter 2019-2020: MSC Fantasia in South America
MSC Fantasia will take guests to some of the most vibrant cities in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Guests will get the chance to experience the sights of Rio de Janeiro before sailing away to Buenos Aires, to explore one of the most historic cities in South America.

Summer 2020: MSC Armonia in Caribbean
MSC Armonia will spend the 2020 summer season visiting some of the most charismatic destinations in the Caribbean including Havana, the thoroughly charming capital of Cuba. Guests exploring ashore will be able to see the famous 1960s American cars, which still run throughout the bustling city streets.

Summer 2020: MSC Grandiosa in Mediterranean
As a new addition to the fleet, MSC Grandiosa will sail her maiden season in the Mediterranean, stopping in Italy, Malta, Spain and France. Guests will enjoy the full Mediterranean experience aboard the brand-new ship.

Summer 2020: MSC Preziosa in Northern Europe
MSC Preziosa’s Northern European cruise will give guests a chance to visit six separate European countries, including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands.