Join #SuperCoralPlay to protect our coral reefs

At MSC we’re passionate about sustainability, constantly working to preserve and cultivate the ecosystems around us. As such we’re proud to introduce #SuperCoralPlay, our campaign to raise awareness and take action to protect and cultivate coral reefs. Partnering with the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee and 54 NFL players and influencers, including names from Larry Fitzgerald to Mark Sanchez, we’re encouraging you to make your “play” – a simple action or pledge to help reduce negative impacts on the environment and your personal carbon footprint.

Did you know, a staggering 70 to 90% of coral is in danger of dying out by 2050?

Working with the MSC Foundation, the private non-profit supporting us with our conservation and humanitarian work at the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas, we’re working tirelessly to protect and preserve this diverse ecosystem. Ocean Cay is not only our private island reserved exclusively for guests, but a flourishing marine reserve for hardy species of coral, known as “Super Coral”, which our team of scientists have discovered can survive extreme ocean heat events and other impacts in the waters near the Bahamian island. Together we can restore coral reefs and enhance its tolerance to future environmental change, an incredible lifeline to ensure their future survival.

How can you help? By making a #SuperCoralPlay

From getting involved in beach cleanups or switching to carrying reusable bags for your shopping, we’ve outlined 15 “plays” here, so you can play your part and preserve precious coral. Once chosen, share your play on social media with a video or use the official campaign filter, tagging #SuperCoralPlay and challenging two others. To show further support, those based in the US can purchase a special edition Super Coral Play bracelet – for every bracelet purchased, a Super Coral will be propagated at the Ocean Cay Marine Reserve off the coast of Miami. You can also donate directly to Super Coral research here. Whichever way you choose, show your support for the #SuperCoralPlay movement to help save dying coral reefs and marine life worldwide.