Join our activities to help protect and preserve

Here at MSC Cruises, we’re dedicated to delivering both the highest quality Guest experience alongside our commitment to sustainability, which is why our new PROTECTOURS program contributes to both. It offers an opportunity to visit undiscovered destinations, while benefiting the planet through carefully selected shore excursions aimed at environmental protection and preservation.

As the first global cruise line to become carbon neutral across marine operations, we know the importance of preserving our environment. To extend this ethos to our onshore activities, the PROTECTOURS program is designed with a dual purpose. Firstly, we’re empowering our tour partners to diversify their offering by including more sustainable activities. Secondly, we’re encouraging our partner businesses to operate in a sustainable manner and to work towards a Global Sustainable Tourism Council certification program.

These tours are the first in a long line of PROTECTOURS and will act as part of our positive impact on the environment, in line with existing initiatives such as our carbon offsetting.

Protectours are available in over 25 destinations, furthermore, each cruise in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe, and Emirates offers at least one PROTECTOURS excursion. They provide the exceptional service and onshore adventure that you have come accustomed to on our traditional excursions, while helping to ensure a greener future. Local guides, with an expertise in wildlife or traditions, will help you save baby sea turtles in the Cozumel, clean the desert in Abu Dhabi, explore Iceland by horseback, or immerse yourself in Corfu’s beautiful countryside and the magical world of bees.

PROTECTOURS offer truly unforgettable onshore experiences, where you can discover destinations like never before and make a positive impact on the environments around them.