Internet Access

What is satellite internet access and how does it work?

When at sea, it is not possible to access the internet using a high-speed broadband connection as you would on land. Instead, internet connectivity on board is provided by links between the ship and communications satellites in orbit far above the Earth.

Why is satellite internet access slower than a normal connection on land?

Your internet data needs to travel vast distances between the ship’s antennae and the nearest satellite, and it needs an unobstructed line of sight between them.
A number of things may interfere with this, like storms and large objects that can block the signal, such as steep mountains close to the ship or tall buildings in ports. This interference can result in slow response times or even the system becoming unresponsive.

When is the best/worst time to use satellite internet access?

The peak use periods for internet use on board tend to be first thing in the morning or when large numbers of guests return from shore excursions. During these periods, congestion can make internet access slower, just as it would on land.
It is therefore best to avoid these periods if possible.

Where is satellite internet access available on board?

Satellite Internet Access is available in all public areas of the ship and in most cabins, including all MSC Yacht Club suites. All you need is one of our Satellite Internet Access packages and a mobile internet device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Which satellite internet access packages are available?

We offer a choice of three different packages to suit different needs and numbers of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). They are all available either per day or, at a reduced rate, for the whole of your cruise.

Standard Internet
Ideal for limited internet usage, the “Standard Internet ” package lets you access all social networks and chat APPs, check email and browse the web. Up to 2 devices. internet data amount may vary depending on the lenght of the cruise

Premium Internet
Full Internet package, perfect for heavy users or families. This package allows to connect up to 4-device and offers full web browsing, access to all social networks and chat APP and email checking. Internet data amount may vary depending on the lenght of the cruise.

Chat & Social

Get Your Social Notifications during the day. This package allows to connect 1 device to social networks and chat apps - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Pinterest, VK, Odnoklassniki, Sinaweibo, Qzone, Line. You can post photos, bu audio and video are not available.

How much does each satellite internet access package cost?

Packages are available either per day or for the duration of your cruise. The “per cruise” rate is based on the length of the cruise.  To see prices for a specific cruise, go to the “Wifi” section of the website or consult the ship's network while on board.

Can I change from one package to another?

Yes, it is possible to change from a "per day" to a "per cruise" package. You can also upgrade to a more comprehensive package either for a single day or for the duration of the cruise. If you purchase a "per cruise" package and subsequently choose to upgrade to a more comprehensive package for a single day, you will revert to your original profile once the 24-hour upgrade period has expired.

Why is satellite internet access more expensive than a normal connection on land?

Providing internet access on board via the ship’s satellite connectivity involves significant investment in cutting-edge technology. The fees charged to those using the Satellite Internet Access service help cover the considerable costs of providing the service

Is the price for satellite internet access the same on every ship?

No, on ships offering a premium service called Satellite Internet Plus, the rate is higher. Ships with this service include MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview, and MSC Splendida. Guests will experience faster speed and a better connection on these ships.

Why does my internet connection cut off after [xx] minutes?

When a user is logged on, updates and apps running in the background can increase traffic even when he/she is not actively using the internet. In order to reduce congestion and speed up internet access for active users, the system will automatically disconnect each user after XX minutes.


To avoid being disconnected, you can return to this page before the XX minutes have elapsed and RESET the countdown.
If you are automatically logged out by the system, you can reactivate your connection by simply clicking START.

The package details include an allowance of mb per day/per cruise. what is a mb?

MB stands for 'megabyte', which means 1 million bytes. It is a measure of the amount of information sent or received across an internet connection. For example, one photo upload to social media is approximatley 5MB.

What happens if I use up all the MB allowance included in my package?

If you have purchased a Standard package, a Premium Package or a Chat and Social Package and you use up all the available MB, you can purchase an additional MB allowance, which will allow you to continue accessing the internet