“Kelly & Kloe On Board"

A full day of kids’ entertainment on board all MSC cruise ships will be dedicated to the web series, with seven different activities giving children the chance to become “Kelly & Kloe” stars themselves.

Episode 1


Who is the #BlueScaryGuy

Watch this episode and follow the first adventure of Kelly and Kloe On Board.

Episode 2


Two Fairytale characters spotted on board! Kelly and Kloe are transported to a fantasy world, will you join them?

Episode 3


Are you ready to jump in the game

Press play and follow Kelly and Kloe through a virtual world on board.

Episode 4


Get on stage and sing along with Kelly and Kloe in this exciting night on board.


"DANCE WITH ME" Opening Theme Song

The offical web series soundtrack composed by Davide Magnabosco:

Download the song

Download the ringtone