The crystal-clear water of Bahamas

United States Virgin Islands, Bahamas, USA
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A cruise to the Caribbean on an MSC cruise ship will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located in the same part of the Atlantic that washes the beaches of Florida’s Malibu and Miami, the Bimini are a group of islands belonging to the Bahamas.



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South Beach
Bayside Marketplace
An alligator in the Everglades


During your cruise in the Caribbean Sea, after disembarking from your cruise ship in the Dutch port of Philipsburg and visiting the Court House, the heart of the city (a white and blue building dating to 1793 that now serves as the Post Office), don’t miss out on an excursion to the French side of the island.

Marigot, the capital of Saint Martin located on the island’s western coast, is protected by the great lagoon of Simpson Bay. It has retained the atmosphere of late 17th century, when it was founded. It is worth your while to visit its historical centre, which is crowded with wooden houses dotted with delightful shops.



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A horseback ride
Simpason bay lagoon

San Juan

San Juan is one of the world’s top cruise ship destinations, with most of the pleasure boats docking at the port by the old town. As recently as the 1970s, Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan) was a reminder of better times, a run-down collection of Spanish colonial relics, in little better shape than the collapsed empire that constructed them. Now, however, after extensive and careful restoration, this seven-block-square area is considered one of the best-kept troves of Spanish colonial architecture and has become a World Heritage Site.


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Caguas City
Calle del Cristo
Botanical Garden


During an MSC cruise through the Caribbean Sea, you will visit Nassau, which occupies the eastern portion of the island of New Providence and is linked by a charming bridge with the neighbouring Paradise Island, where Atlantis Waterscape is located.


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Cable Beach
Snorkeling tour