MSC Meraviglia will be able to dock at any cruise port around the world, expanding the choice of itineraries and destinations: a huge added bonus for any traveler.

Western Caribbean

Our unique itineraries allow you to explore the islands of Honduras, learn the rich history of Belize, see the beautiful landscapes of Mexico and discover our brand new island Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

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Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Discover our new and exclusive Bahamian destination: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. 

Here you can spend a one-of-a-kind experience on an authentic Caribbean Marine Reserve, while connecting with the natural world, feeling the warmth of the Bahamian spirit and immersing in an eco-friendly environment.


United States & Canada Cruises

The United States and Canada need no introduction. MSC Cruises will take you on a trip to get to know the heart of them, to visit the places where these nations took their first steps.

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MSC Grand Voyages

Transatlantic voyages, a journey across the continents

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