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The magical island of Venice, thanks to its port, has always been a crossroads for populations and goods. At the tip of the Adriatic Sea, the port of Venice unites the main European and Asian corridors and enjoys a strategic geographical position. The ideal departure point for cruises from Italy.

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Reach the port

Port of Venice

Learn how to get to the port of Venice and parking information.

Cruise Terminal:

VTP (Venezia terminal Passeggeri)

Reach the port by

  • Car

    Leave the motorway to Venice at the Venezia-Porto exit and follow the signs for Venezia - Stazione Marittima - Terminal Passeggeri.  
    Venice Passenger Terminal website for useful information:

    Parking Information

    PARCHEGGIO VTP  (Venezia Terminal Passeggeri)
    Port of Venice - Cruise Terminal
    • When you arrive at the port in Venice, follow the signs to the parking area located inside the port and just a few minutes from the boarding area. 
    • Payment will be made directly at the parking
    • Parking outdoor self-service.
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    Car, Suv 4 € 60,00
    Van, Mobile Home 4 € 120,00
    Car, Suv 5 € 75,00
    Van, Mobile Home 5 € 210,00
    Car, Suv 6 € 60,00
    Van, Mobile Home 6 € 180,00
    Car, Suv 7 € 105,00
    Van, Mobile Home 7 € 210,00
    Car, Suv 8 € 105,00
    Van, Mobile Home 8 € 210,00
    Car, Suv 9 € 115,00
    Van, Mobile Home 9 € 230,00
    Car, Suv 10 € 125,00
    Van, Mobile Home 10 € 250,00
    Car, Suv 13 € 155,00
    Van, Mobile Home 13 € 310,00
    Car, Suv 16 € 185,00
    Van, Mobile Home 16 € 370,00
    Car, Suv 20 € 225,00
    Van, Mobile Home 20 € 450,00
  • Train

    Santa Lucia Station St. Lucia Railway station is just a short walk from Piazzale Roma (approx.600 metres), where you can take the People Mover train to the Marittima terminal entrance for a modest fare.  

    Venezia-Mestre Station
    The railway station is approximately 10 km from the Cruise Terminal. Taxi service available.
  • Plane

    Taxi service is available to take you from Marco Polo airport to the Stazione Marittima cruise terminal. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on the traffic.   

    Alternatively, you can take a taxi boat. An MSC shuttle service is also available. Please go to the MSC booth just outside the arrivals hall on your right.