Combating child malnutrition together

Famine has a devastating effect on the youngest and most vulnerable, with malnutrition claiming the lives of over one million children every year and stunting the physical and mental development of many more. And yet it takes so little to save these children: just 3 small sachets a day of a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food like Plumpy’Nut® or eeZeePaste Nut distributed through this UNICEF program.
MSC is partnering with UNICEF in this important project, contributing to the production and transportation of these Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods so that together we can help ensure the miracle of a child’s life is never deprived of its promise.

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The program


Unicef’s relief program for malnourished children

Plumpy’Nut® is a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food endorsed by the World Health Organization to treat severe acute malnutrition in just six weeks at home, without hospitalization. UNICEF organizes a complete family support program, monitoring each child’s progress and providing nutrition and health counseling. Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods are, where possible, made in their country of need using regional crops. This provides a double stimulus to the local economy, bringing empowerment and hope to the community. MSC and UNICEF have partnered to deliver Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food in crisis and emergency situations worldwide.

ORGANIZATION: UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund.

COUNTRIES: Least developed countries and countries in crisis and post-crisis situations.

PROJECT: Save children’s lives using Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food like Plumpy’Nut®. Therapeutic foods are complete dietary solutions used to treat severe malnutrition when ordinary foods would be ineffective or carry risks.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Highly-fortified peanut-based complete food that’s ready to be eaten direct from the sachet without cooking or adding water, so it can be given to children in any situation.

AGES: From as young as 6 months old and up.

STRATEGY: Deliver Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to children, supporting their families with medical monitoring plus nutrition and health counselling in their communities.

GOAL: $2,250,000 in three years.


Building hope together

MSC is proud to support UNICEF in this life-saving program, which is why we’re inviting you on board too. Whether you’re a parent or not, we all know that children are the future and deserve the best, that’s why kids sail free all year on board our fleet.

By donating just € 1/$1.50 you can help save children’s lives and give them hope for the future.
There is no limit to how much you can donate if you wish to give more. A full treatment consisting of a six-week supply only costs around $47. Each $1.50 you donate buys three sachets of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to help save a child’s life.

€ +9.000.000
€ 10.000.000

Building hope together


9 million dreams and counting

We are proud to announce that more than 9 million Euros have been already raised all over the world.
In April 2016 our Executive Chairman, Pierfrancesco Vago conducted a field trip to Malawi to gain a deeper understanding of how the contributions we have raised as part of our partnership with UNICEF were making a difference. 
As a result of this visit, it was decided that we could and should do more to help the communities suffering as a consequence of these natural disasters which have left Malawi in its worst food crisis in over a decade, affecting 2.8 million people.
MSC, therefore, put in motion, together with UNICEF, a project to send essential goods and concrete aid to Malawi, which will directly help both the communities and aid workers.
The items we have sent include mattresses and bed sheets, bicycles, cooking pots, bowls and spoons, farming tools, chalkboards, school pencils, drawing books, toys, and puppets for the kids. We have also included a shipment of footballs, which were specifically requested by the community of Nchalo in Malawi. 




Since 2009 we have been sparking hope in children’s lives

  • Over $4,000,000 collected for UNICEF thanks to MSC guests
  • Sustained support for 126 vulnerable communities
  • Children’s education transformed in favelas of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
  • Direct engagement with funded projects, including MSC community visits

You have given us the joy of living and believing in our dreams”. Adelina Gomes de Souza, Community Leader Brâsilandia

Our partnership with MSC meant more than being able to count on a great supporter, it meant gaining thousands of partners for children around the world”. Silvio Manoug Kaloustian, UNICEF Brazil


The new official song

MSC Cruises and UNICEF have launched a new song performed by an Italian children’s choir called “I Can Believe – MSC for UNICEF”, to provide a soundtrack to all UNICEF awareness raising efforts on board MSC Cruises ships. The song is played during the MSC for UNICEF kids parade on board each MSC Cruises’ ship, as part of the awareness raising efforts of MSC Cruises targeting children aboard its fleet and called UNICEF Day.