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Nordfjordeid’s uncontaminated nature

Norway is a magical country, to be discovered and savored, with its flourishing nature as the undisputed protagonist. You can reach Nordfjordeid with an MCS Cruise.

The view will leave you breathless: the peaks that stand out seem to dive in where the Atlantic ocean gets colder and colder. Moving in the innermost part of the fjord it is possible to admire the wonderful glaciers and the Hornindalsvatnet, the deepest lake in Europe (514 meters). Its point of maximum width is 4 kilometers, it’s 22 kilometers  long and it’s about 400 kilometers away from Oslo, the capital city.
You can reach Loen Skylift with an excursion. The cable car transports visitors at 1.011 meters, on Mount Hoven. The trip is really fast, in just 5 minutes you will get to the top and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view: to the east you can admire Lovatnet Lake, Mount Skåla (1.848 meters), and the Jostedalsbreen glaciers; Olden to the south and Nordfjord to the west. From the cableway there is a series of paths to the discovery of Mount Hoven, by foot in summer and with snowshoes in winter.
The Jostedalsbreen National Park can be visited with an excursion. With its 1.310 square kilometers, the large park ‒ the centre of which can only be reached by foot ‒ is home to the glacier of the same name. It is the largest glacier in continental Europe, covering an area of 487 square kilometers and with a depth of up to 600 meters. It’s impossible to not be speechless in the face of such magnificence.
The Vikings, of course, were the ancient populations of Norway: by rivers and by seas they moved through mighty wooden ships, so resistant that they were able to reach even Greenland and North America. With an excursion, you can see one of these ships up close, the Myklebust. It’s the largest Viking ship. Rebuilt, after its destruction, it’s about 30 meters long and it’s 6 and a half meters wide.

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