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Seize this chance to explore Kiel, Germany, one of northern Europe’s key maritime centres and a window into the historic seafaring state of the surrounding Schleswig-Holstein region. Kiel tours take in the nautical heritage of one of Europe’s major shipbuilding centres and cruise hubs.

The 1918 Kiel Mutiny underscored the region’s importance as a port, when the German High Fleet’s sailors refused to board ships, an act instigating the resignation of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Kiel also sits on the Kiel Canal, which links the Baltic and North seas, and Kiel Maritime Museum highlights this legacy.

From Kiel, travel to the poignant Laboe Naval Memorial or to the long, sandy beach of Falckensteiner Strand on one of MSC Cruises’ many Kiel tours. Or book more unusual Kiel excursions to the fairy-tale lakeside fortresses at Plön and Eutin.

Kiel shore excursions could also include a trip to one of Germany’s greatest UNESCO sites, the many-towered city of Lübeck. Here, storied alleyways evoke the feel of when the city was chief port of the Hanseatic League in the 13th to 16th centuries, which once controlled much of Europe’s sea trade. Or journey to Hamburg, the country’s elegant second city, where you can view architectural feats like St Michael’s Church, a Baroque landmark.

MSC shore excursions ensure everyone gets the most from their Kiel holidays.

Excursions in Kiel

With one of Northern Europe’s richest maritime legacies, Kiel is perfect for a cruise holiday. There are countless things to see in Kiel and the best are viewable on our Kiel excursions. Marvel at one of the world’s busiest artificial waterways, Kiel Canal, or visit out-of-town Kiel attractions like Laboe Naval Memorial.

Places to visit near Kiel include big draws like UNESCO World Heritage site Lübeck and vibrant Hamburg. Let our Kiel tours guide you around this exciting region.

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Kiel tours, Kiel Canal | MSC Cruises

Explore the maritime might of Kiel

The action-packed seafaring past of Kiel is a big draw for many, and delving into this heritage informs some of MSC Cruises’ insightful Kiel shore excursions. Spot vessels voyaging along one of the planet’s busiest artificial waterways, Kiel Canal, or get to grips with regional maritime history at Kiel Maritime Museum.


Just outside Kiel, don’t miss the chance to visit the 1936-built Laboe Naval Memorial, remembering sailors lost at sea.

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Hit Hamburg, Germany’s second city, for history and culture

Take a day trip to discover the many charms of Hamburg, Germany’s second city and also the largest non-capital city in Europe. Lose yourself in must-see sights, such as the magnificent Baroque landmark of St Michael’s Church, the atmospheric timber-framed buildings of the 17th-century Krameramtsstuben area and the canal-latticed warehouse district of Speicherstadt.

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Marvel at the many turrets of Lübeck

Head south-east out of Kiel for a history lesson in Lübeck, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is famed for its red brick Gothic architecture, best showcased at 14th-century St Mary’s Church, while the skyline is dotted by the seven mighty towers of its key ecclesiastical buildings.


Walk past the grand spired city entrance of Holsten Gate, down into cobbled alleyways conjuring up bygone days when Lübeck was chief port of the Hanseatic League, a major force in Europe’s sea trade.

Book your cruise to Kiel

Soak up one of the most engrossing maritime heritages in Europe on a cruise to Kiel with MSC Cruises, and don’t miss an adventure into the state of Schleswig-Holstein, where you’ll discover beautiful beaches, opulent castles and the alluring city of Lübeck.

A Kiel cruise can also take you to destinations across Europe, including historic Southampton in the UK, the beautiful Norwegian fjords, culture-packed Bilbao in northern Spain and the Netherlands’ architectural gem, Rotterdam.

Why choose MSC Shore Excursions to Kiel

In which language are Kiel excursions conducted?

The five languages in which Kiel excursions can be conducted are: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. However, please be aware that this is based on guide availability. We will confirm the final language of your MSC shore excursions onboard the ship.

Are Kiel tours always available to be booked?

It’s possible that some tours may not always be available for booking, due to the popularity of Kiel excursions. Because of this, we recommend that passengers book their Kiel tours ahead of departure.

What is included in the Maritime Kiel tour?

MSC Cruises’ ‘Maritime Kiel’ excursion is a guided coach and walking tour of the historic city of Kiel and its surrounding areas. Some of the city’s most rewarding sights will be viewed and visited, including the historic canal that links the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.


There will also be a chance to see the Laboe Naval Memorial, where guests can view an old German submarine. It’s also possible to climb to the top of the memorial to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Can the Kiel excursions programme be changed?

The programme for our MSC shore excursions in Kiel gives an overview of the tours that can be booked. The final description and schedule for all tours (including prices) will be confirmed to passengers onboard their ship.


Please note that details of all excursions may vary, depending on conditions and unplanned events within the local area. The excursions programme is also subject to change to comply with local laws, regulations and other restrictions.

Does MSC Cruises offer a walking tour of Kiel?

MSC Cruises doesn’t offer a walking tour of Kiel, but it does offer a walking tour of Lübeck, a charming historical city that’s been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lübeck is located around 57 miles south-west of Kiel.

The tour begins with a coach drive through pleasant German countryside to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, where guests will be taken on a guided walking tour through the city’s cobbled alleyways and courtyards. Visitors will see the 15th-century Holsten Gate, the city’s five churches and their imposing spires, the 13th-century Hospital of the Holy Ghost, and one of the world’s largest mechanical organs inside St. Mary’s Church. After stopping for a typical German lunch, the excursion returns to the cruise terminal in Kiel.

Does MSC Cruises offer a bike tour of Kiel?

MSC Cruises offers two bike-based shore excursions in Kiel – one on a traditional bicycle and the other on an e-bike.

The ‘Kiel Coast and Country Bike Tour’ involves a cycle ride from the Port of Kiel to Laboe on the Baltic Coast, taking participants past green forests, waterfront villas and sandy beaches. The tour will also include some time that can be spent relaxing on the beach, perhaps watching kite-surfers or visiting a beachside cafe, before cycling back to the cruise terminal.

The ‘Discover Kiel and its Environs by E-Bike’ tour starts with a ride around the Port of Kiel on an electric bike, before cycling north past the harbour towards Bülk Lighthouse at the mouth of the Bay of Kiel. Along the way, you’ll pass through lush green scenery and grassy meadows, waterfront villages with red-roofed houses, busy marinas and sandy beaches. After a stop at Bülk Lighthouse, ride back to the city and spend some free time exploring Germany’s longest shopping street..