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Discovering the City of Pearls

A place of pure beauty, where every corner hides wonderful treasures. It is French Polynesia, home of the island of Tahiti and the bustling port city of Papeete. This is where your incredibly beautiful vacation with MSC World Cruise will start on a journey to discover sensational places. It is the home of pearls; in Papeete, you can visit the first museum in the worlddedicated to the processing of these natural jewels, in particular the black pearl of Tahiti, the protagonist of the museum named after one of the largest cultivators of pearls, Robert Wan.

Here each step of the delicate process of harvesting and processing pearls will be explained and you can learn how they become beautiful jewels. The museum also offers a comprehensive guide to the history and legends associated with pearls, crossing various cultures and civilizations. During your MSC Cruise into this exotic land, you will have the opportunity to visit the pulsating center of the city of Papeete, famous for its market. Activity begins at first light, with fruit, vegetables, fish, flowers and crafts.

It is a place not to be missed especially early in the morning to breathe in its magical atmosphere before it is full of people. The entire island of Tahiti offers visitors a hiking dream, including walks in Bougainville Park, full of flowers and manicured plants, or a ride to Marae Arahurahu, the best place to admire the old traditional Polynesian temples and learn about their history by admiring one of the best preserved on these islands. MSC Cruises also offers a fantastic tour in the sky of Tahiti to see the whole island in one fell swoop.

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