theme cruises

MSC Cruises has themed cruises for sports fans, couples, holidays and more! Check out all of our theme cruises as well as themed parties onboard!

Theme nights on board

Every MSC cruise offers themed nights on board, including White Parties, Elegant Nights, Flower Party and more!  Guests are encouraged to bring outfits that go with each of the themed nights.

Officers & Gentlemen

An elegant formal evening with a traditional glamorous twist.  Our officers invite the ladies to dance, in traditional maritime style.  Traditionally, there are two themed Elegant Nights during a 7-night cruise.

- Flower Party

Travel back in time to the groovy vibes of the 1970s - the music, the clothes and a great time.  Guests are encouraged to pack 1970's themed or flower attire.

- White Party

The night will be decked-out in all white decor and outfits.  Guests are encourage to pack an outfit themed for the White Party.  It's the biggest themed night on board!