Guests are encouraged to limit their checked luggage to two suitcases per person (not exceeding 35x29x16 inches in size and 50 lbs. in weight per bag) and two handheld pieces of luggage (not exceeding 22x17x9 inches in size and 50 lbs. in weight per bag).

On all Grand Voyages (positioning cruises), the above-mentioned guidelines represent the maximum limit allowed per person, provided that, in any case, the maximum amount of luggage in each stateroom does not exceed 200 lbs. and/or 8 pieces among all passengers in the same stateroom. Any piece of luggage exceeding the allowance will not be accepted at the check-in. Guests intending to exceed these limits are invited to ship luggage in excess of the free luggage allowance separately via Luggage Forward, at an additional charge. All luggage is to be kept in the stateroom, keeping all exits free of any obstacles. Guests are invited to bring the luggage tags necessary for embarkation in their hand luggage and attach them on arrival at the embarkation port. Valuable luggage travels at the passenger’s own risk. Passengers are advised to carry any medicines, documents and other similar personal belongings in their hand luggage.

Strollers and wheelchairs
Strollers and wheelchairs are always allowed on board, but must be declared at the time of booking confirmation. For cruises including flight connections, please follow any instructions given by the airline.

Forbidden items
Security staff may search a Guest and/or his/her luggage and confiscate any articles that the Company considers could risk the safety of the Guests, crew or ship (such as weapons, sharp objects, kettles, irons, etc.). Such items will be confiscated and not returned Firearms will be not accepted on board and immediate disembarkation will be requested.

Food and beverages
We reserve the right to remove any beverages present in Guests’ luggage. These will be returned the evening before disembarkation. Please also note that guests are not permitted to bring unpackaged food on board.

Valuable luggage and insurance
Please note that any valuable luggage travels at your own risk. Insurance can be taken out through MSC Cruises according to the conditions; please contact your Travel Agent.

Air transport and lost luggage
If travelling to your departure port by air, please check the size and weight limitations on your luggage at the time of booking. Airlines reserve the right to charge a supplement for excess luggage. MSC Cruises accepts no responsibility for issues arising during airport departure or arrival. In the unfortunate event of a luggage handling error by the airline, we offer a luggage recovery service. Working with the Lost & Found offices of each airport, we will make every effort to track your luggage and, where possible, have it sent directly to the ship at one of the subsequent ports of call.

In order to help you trace any lost luggage in the most efficient way, we ask you to present a copy of the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) prepared at the Lost Property Office of the airport where you reported the luggage missing.

Packing tips
  • Things NOT to pack: alcohol, firearms, sharp objects, kettles, irons, food or beverages, drones, Galaxy Note7 (all forbidden on board).
  • Things you can leave at home: pool towels or hairdryers (you’ll find these in your stateroom); cigarettes, sun cream or beauty products (all available from the onboard shops).
  • Things to keep in your hand luggage: travel documents, luggage tags (to be attached on arrival at the embarkation port), money, jewelry, electronic devices, medicines, nappies, and any other valuables or items you may need at short notice.

Luggage Shipping Service
If you would like to eliminate the hassles of carrying and checking luggage, you can arrange for Luggage Forward to pick up your bags at your home and deliver them directly to your stateroom. Upon disembarkation, your bags are sent right back to your home. Luggage Forward offers:

  • Worldwide service
  • Travel to and from the airport without carrying heavy bags
  • Breeze through check-in, no wait at baggage claim
  • No risk airlines losing luggage
  • Best Price Assurance and full money back plus $500 per bag on-time guarantee

Book online at or call Luggage Forward directly. From the U.S. dial 1‐866‐416‐7447, or +1‐617‐482‐1100 if calling from any other location.

Make sure to carry your vital medications always with you during the whole cruise, for your own health and safety.