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Vacation Success

Vacation Success

April | MSC Divina June 2016

We just returned from a 7 day cruise the Divina (June 4-11) we had an amazing time, the ship was beautiful, we loved our balcony room, staff was super friendly. We dined in the black crab where the food was great and we had amazing service (Robin Almeida) deserves 5 stars for his personality alone.. He made our dining experience fun & exciting.. He was wonderful with the kids as well as with us..our 11 year old has a peanut allergy which he remembered from night 1 & he was amazing with our 6 year old even when he was a little cranky from being tired..he kept him smiling & laughing (thanks Sooo much!!) we would definitely cruise with MSC again! Thanks for the memories ..oh & the excursions that we chose were fantastic ..vacation success.
We Felt Spoiled...

We Felt Spoiled...

Sara & Andrew | MSC Divina May 2016

Our first cruise was successful aboard the beautiful MSC Divina for a weeklong cruise in the Caribbean. I traveled with my husband, Andrew, my brother, Evan and his girlfriend, Sarah. As we approached the terminal I was happy to see that I would not be standing in the hot sun waiting to check-in. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for other cruisers waiting to board a Carnival cruise at the same time. Checking in was a breeze and the air conditioning was definitely a perk. Our bags were at our cabin a lot sooner than I expected. All four of us shared a balcony cabin and we had plenty of space. The bathroom was bigger than expected and we loved having our own balcony. The ship was a little difficult to navigate at first but we quickly found our preferred routes. I think our most preferred route was to the Calumet buffet.

The food, oh the food! Pizza at all hours of the days, pasta bar, carving station, meat and cheese platters, the list goes on and on. The desserts were enough to make up an entire meal. The variety and quality of desserts made us very happy cruisers!

We ate at the Villa Rosa dining room one evening and we ate at the Italian restaurant, Eataly, another night. All other meals were happily consumed at the buffet. The tiniest complaint about the buffet was the size of the drinking cups. However, we knew we were aboard a European cruise line so the smaller cups were expected.

Our first stop was in Nassau, Bahamas. We booked a 2 ½ hour snorkeling tour with Bay West Adventures. The price was very reasonable for four people and we were the only ones on the tour so we were pleasantly surprised that it ended up being a private tour instead. We saw beautiful marine life, dove for sand dollars, observed an area populated by sea turtles and toured a private island. If I ever go back to the Bahamas I am booking the exact same tour. My brother and his girlfriend did a parasailing tour after snorkeling and my husband and I walked to the Queen’s Staircase. I wish we would have had more time in Nassau but we still had a great time on the island.

Our second destination was St. Maarten. Andrew and I honeymooned on the island two years ago so we decided to rent a car. We took a driving tour of the island and traveled to a few beaches. We also booked a jet skiing tour that we took in the late afternoon. Following the tour, we visited a French bakery and a then gelateria. We really enjoyed returning to the island.

Our final stop was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We went to the Castillo San Felipe del Morro. We also walked the streets of Old San Juan and did a little shopping before taking a tour of the Barcardi distillery. We rented a car to get to the distillery but there is also a ferry available close to the ship port.

Our days spent at sea were just as much fun as our days in port. The daily program had a wide variety of activities. We made t-shirts, took Italian lessons, learned origami and Andrew and I did a couples hot stone massage. We also took advantage of the soft serve ice cream served on deck 14 between 2-5 p.m. We spent most of our days in the Aqua Park lying by the pool and reading. It could get loud at times so our group moved to deck 15 closer to the Yacht Club deck and it was much quieter and relaxing. We were happy the ship’s decks offered plenty of space for everyone. Our evenings were spent watching their incredible shows, trying our luck in the casino or taking a ride in the 4D simulator. The ship is absolutely stunning and we loved being surrounded by people of many different cultures.

After the cruise we all agreed that we felt spoiled during those seven days aboard the Divina. I am very glad we cruised with MSC and we will be considering them for cruises in the future.

The Food & Menu Were Creative

The Food & Menu Were Creative

Mitch | MSC Divina May 2016

After 10 plus cruises on 7 different cruise lines, our trip on the Divina was the very best of them all. The ship is elegant, well appointed and comfortable. Our balcony cabin seemed a bit larger than others and was warm and welcoming. The food and the menu were creative, tasty and definitely a cut above the others. Our waiter, Benny, was professional, attentive and made our dining experience memorable. The staff was helpful and greeted us every time we encountered one of them. The ship was clean and shiny with someone polishing something all day long. We enjoyed the buffet with its variety and this definitely was the best pizza in the Caribbean. We found most additional services priced a bit lower than other lines. A definite must is the "Eataly Steakhouse". It's sparce decor does not portray the level of excellence of both the food and the service. When is the last time you had a steak cooked exactly to your requested doness? Overall, we are looking forward to our next cruise.

WOW - MSC Yacht Club

WOW - MSC Yacht Club

JoAnne & John | MSC Divina March 2016

In our Yacht Club area the men were in grey stripe trousers and black coat with tails. We also had our own Butler, in this dress. Our gorgeous lounge of 180 degrees at the bow of the ship on the 15th deck with these dressed men was fabulous. On special occasions they wore white gloves. This lounge was our living room for 64 cabins.

Buffet area had all food items displayed on long black platters.


#1 Breakfast time had Salmon lox on baguette slices. Etc etc. big spread.

Sweet items, almond paste etc. with crust from springform pan.

Fruit etc. It was a special presentation.


#2 Then all taken away and replaced with lunch apps. Variety of nuts presentation ...tuna with olives creamed on bread etc etc.

sandwiches of mini croissants with ham and cheese

Some sweets etc,,BIG variety again.....


#3 Then cocktail time apps arrive with 4 kinds of olives, or the same of onions, some marinated, apps of BIG variety. And all this changed to different items each day. I saw and ate items I never have seen before!! Each change of food time had Variety Galore!!


#4 After dinner and the stage show.....Sweets, nuts, chocolate everything you can imagine, desserts galore in small servings. (Thank god)

Now for what to drink..

ANYTHING YOU WANTED !!!!!!! AT ANYTIME !! All day and night long. Their decaf coffee latte, or cappuccino etc. was wonderful. Huge variety of teas. We learned of a new drink.....Aperol Spritz. It is a sweet and sour, Italian drink. We are going to have a bottle at each house.....!! AND it didn't seem to have a lot of alcohol ..... I think proseco was in it too. Now for the room. Ultra suede on the walls. Beautiful fabrics !! A MIRROR was the back wall of the tub. Glass for half of the wall to hold the water in. Marble in apricot and grey veining made the floor, front of the tub and counter with same marble molded into a sink. Mirrors everywhere. One had a huge frame and as wide as the bed and floor to ceiling. Bedding was so wonderful. Sleeping pillows had a flat fringe around the whole thing and felt wonderful.! Balcony had 2 chairs and table. Champagne on ice with fruit as we arrived..... Fruit changed every day....strawberries with chocolate arrived and waiting when we asked for ice for the champagne the next night. They didn't miss a beat anywhere. We were so IMPRESSED with everything. They out did themselves with surprises for us at every turn.

Getting off the ship, we were escorted all the way....... Oh, our own piano music, sometimes a violinist, every night starting at cocktail hour in the gorgeous lounge.


The stage shows and singers and dancers were fantastic, the best I have seen. 5 exceptional singers


We would go down to the main ship and the regular passengers.....

Easter vacation had all the kids etc. and noise. We could hardly wait to get back to our sanctuary!! Using the secret sliding door to our area had us in A/C and quiet. Thank god. We had our own pool and 2 spas with more apps and drinks ...of anything.... Even breakfast up there on the 18 deck with all the private sun bathing, on the top of the ship.

We used the lounge as other people, as our living room.


Gaawd!!! What a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of luxury ..........


Our private dining room...was fabulous. I'm going to send you a picture of that with both of us. matre'd Was Italian from my grandfathers town. He greeted everyone with joy. What a special Italian man. I even told him so in front of his boss. He warmed up EVERYONE AND MADE ALL OF US FEEL SPECIAL. He deserved a HUGE compliment, and I did so !! Wine and champagne flowed freely the whole time in there. Food was special too. John had lamb and lox salmon until it almost came out his ears...... Gawd,,,,what a special food trip this was in elegance!!! We want to do it again.........!!!!! They have 4 ships that have the Yacht Club built in. WOW. What a cruise!!! I suggest you book a cruise with the Yacht Club on it with MSC Cruise Line.

An Unforgettable Family Vacation

An Unforgettable Family Vacation

Marty | MSC Divina March 2016
As I sit at my table sipping coffee out of my new MSC coffee cup ;) I am thinking about what an absolute amazing trip that we had on the MSC Divina...
We came home exhausted which means we definitely had a wonderful time!! We had so much fun with the family, meeting fellow cruisers, being catered too & at the ports of call. Want to thank you very much for the "EXTRAS" in our room :) As we walked in and saw the Absolut, cranberry juice & water bottles, Abby & I both had big grins on our faces knowing that this was going to be a great trip. The bottle of Champagne & fruit delivered to the room was a wonderful touch as well, we went on the balcony to sip it as we left Miami. The food was spectacular, service impeccable & the entertainment was exceptional as there were many jaw dropping moments. It was truly a great vacation for the whole family.
Thanks again for all you did, MSC will be seeing us again!!
Amazing Yacht Club

Amazing Yacht Club

Elizabeth & Laura | MSC Divina March 2016
My sister and I got off of the MSC Divina last Saturday, after enjoying an amazing 7 days as members of the Yacht Club.  WOW!  From the moment we arrived at the port, until the last moment on the ship, we were pampered, spoiled and treated like royalty.  We had a blast.  There are so many people that helped make our cruise unforgettable and I am sure I will miss some of them, but I am going to try and list as many as I can remember.  Here goes….
Our butler, Louise Jean Franco or just Franco, as we lovingly called him, was sooooo amazing.  He took incredible care of us and made us feel special. He was so friendly and helpful and we enjoyed getting to know him and his assistant, Elysee.    Our cabin was immaculate and they seemed to know what we needed before we even asked them!   No matter what we asked of them or when we asked it, they were both always smiling and striving to make our cruise extra memorable! We are hopeful that we can sail on the Divina again before their contracts end.  We felt very lucky to have gotten them as our team.  
The staff of the Top Sail.  What a class act everyone is.  The butlers all look so incredible in their “uniforms” and the white glove service is top notch.  Our favorite bartenders are Errol Mattis aka Alex and Remson D’Costa.  They always greeted us by name and went out of their way to make sure we had whatever we wanted.  It was so fun to see their smiling faces and laugh with them.  They were always in a good mood and made us smile.  Not to mention they also fixed fabulous cocktails!  All of the staff in the Top Sail lounge was smiling, helpful and fun.  It was so much fun to be treated like royalty, even if just for a week!!
The VIP concierge staff, Anna  Varriale and Poririo Sarita, were extrordinary.  Anna had to help us with several  minor issues and she was always so sweet and eager to please.  It seemed as if nothing we asked of her was too much or a bother. Porfirio also jumped in to help us with our Voyagers’ club cards and a library book when it was time to relax.  It was amazing to have “our own” personal concierge service and never have to wait in line.  They are really great ambassadors to the Yacht Club experience.
The casino staff was EXCELLENT.  They made the tables so much fun and their smiles were contagious.  Needless to say, we didn’t always win but we always had fun.  That is a true test of a good casino staff.  If they can make people enjoy losing money, what more could you ask for!!!  There are a few dealers that we would like to mention because we always enjoyed sitting at their tables.  They are Sumiti Thapa D, Richie Vila Jacinto, Lucklyn Thalabanan, Irene Bina  and Alona Tynsynova. Also, Tymur Tursunov, one of the pit bosses was very friendly and helpful.  He too had a great smile and was very welcoming.  It was so much fun to go into the casino and feel like you knew everyone and everyone was smiling.  Anthony R. Pereira, one of the bar staff was so much fun.  He took good care of us whenever anyone at our tables wanted to buy a drink and he would always say “Hi” when he saw us in the casino.
Your shows were wonderful, especially The Voices and The Michael Jackson show.  The three singers from the voices were phenomenal and I couldn’t get enough of their songs.  I was so impressed.  We also got to see one of the singers doing the show tunes, on the last night, in La Luna and he was excellent.  His voice was so clear and beautiful.  Wish he had a CD, I would have bought it on the spot!!  
So, as you can see we were definitely impressed with the Divina and MSC.  This was our first experience on MSC but it definitely won’t be our last.  I have already sent emails to my clients to let them know about our incredible experience and my sister has at least 5 cabins sailing in the near future.  It will be our pleasure to sell MSC now that we know what our clients can expect.  Please let the staff of the Divina know how much we appreciated everything they did for us and that we think they are TERRIFIC!  Hope to see them all again SOON!!
Family Vacation - Great Kids Program

Family Vacation - Great Kids Program

Maria | MSC Divina March 2016
I have been telling everyone about our experience and I hope they can get to enjoy an MSC cruise as much as we did. There were some specific crew members that went above and beyond to make our group of 23 people have an amazing experience. I cannot remember the last name of 1 of them, but please see below:
• Black Crab Restaurant – Mahendra, he is from Bali.  He was our server during dinner time and he took such good care of our 11 kids. Very patient, polite, and gentle with them. 
• Bar waiter – Nickel Bowen – Amazing attitude, always smiling and checking in on us. Such great character and disposition to help. 
• Entertainment team – Carlos Ekrem Palace  - Again, super helpful, funny, motivating and always taking good care of us. 
• Kids Club staff – Our kids loved every single one of them. Kudos to all. 
A Vacation Of A Lifetime

A Vacation Of A Lifetime

Ayse | MSC Divina March 2016

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for your efforts to make our vacation extra special. Our trip was the vacation of a lifetime. We are already planning to book another cruise trip for next year.  Renate (my sister in law) is also planning to go with us every year as well. Renate is also going to write an outstanding review and recommend MSC Cruises for the Army Post Travel Department in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Kim (her roommate) will also recommend MSC to the travel department (Fort Hood, Texas). Both of them will inform the Army travel departments about how well MSC took care of the active duty services people.  I believe that they are going to book another cruise this year. 


I have to admit, I was a little worried at first because I had such difficulty communicating with our local agent in Miami throughout the entire booking process. I didn`t get the feeling everything was going to work out as planned. But, from boarding to disembarkation we had a very smooth transition.


I would like to say that the staff of MSC DIVINA was superb. There was one person in particular that I would like to bring to your attention. His name was Octavian Tagovifa “head waiter”.  I do not believe this man ever sleeps!  Every time we went anywhere morning, noon, or night he was there.  Octavian made an unparalleled effort to make sure all the guests were taken care of. 


MSC DIVINA made its special place on my children’s happy childhood memories. They asked me “why can`t we live on a cruise ship forever”.

I wore my 10 year MSC pin proudly everywhere on board of the ship. Some people thought I purchased it from the gift shop, but a lot of the crew members recognized it immediately. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with the captain on a cocktail party one night.   


Needless to say my family and I`ve become the walking billboards of MSC CRUISES.

Lovely Wedding

Lovely Wedding

Lina & Stefan | MSC Divina March 2016

Thank you for your support during this journey. We had a lovely wedding and we are so happy for the warm welcome we got from Cindy and the other wonderful woman (Sorry we can't remember her name). Please send them our best regards. :)