The enormous St Matthew Duomo 
A pleasant port ideal to wander
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Salerno/Amalfi Coast

A relaxing atmosphere in a medieval village

Capital of Campania’s southernmost province, the lively port of Salerno will provide a stop-off on your MSC cruise of the Mediterranean.

Much less chaotic than Naples, it is well off most travellers’ itineraries, giving it a pleasant, relaxed air to enjoy during your excursion. Salerno’s town centre is a slightly odd mixture of wide, not overwhelmingly characterful boulevards and a small medieval core full of intriguingly dark corners and alleys. It is, however, a lively, sociable place, with a busy seafront boulevard and plenty of nightlife and shops.

The old quarter’s main street is Via dei Mercanti, a narrow stretch which snakes through the heart of the centre and has been spruced up quite a lot over recent years. Highlight of Salerno is its Duomo, an enormous church dedicated to St Matthew.

Set in a wide cleft in the cliffs, Amalfi is the largest town and perhaps the highlight of the coast west of Salerno. It was one of the great naval powers; the town was devastated by an earthquake in 1343, but Amalfi still hosts the odd remnant of its past glories today, with a crumbly attractiveness to its whitewashed courtyards and alleys that makes it fun to wander through.

About an hour’s bus ride south of Salerno, the ancient site of Paestum spreads across a large area at the bottom end of the Piana del Sele. It’s a desolate, open place even now (“inexpressibly grand”, as Shelley described it). Mostly an unrecognizable ruin, it has three golden-stoned shrines that are among the best-preserved Doric temples in Europe. Of these, the Temple of Neptune, dating from about 450 BC, is the most complete, with only its roof and parts of the inner walls missing.

Must see places in Salerno

  • The old town

    The old town

  • Holy temples in Paestum

    Holy temples in Paestum

  • Amalfi


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    Leave the port for a 40-minute coach drive towards Pompeii, a once thriving town that was completely buried by lava, rubble and ash during the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. It then lay hidden and perfectly preserved under tonnes of volcanic ash for almost 1,700 years before being accidentally rediscovered in the mid-18th century and then subsequently being excavated. The many artefacts that were found, especially items of daily life such as bread and honey, give the visitor a glimpse of the lives these ancient Romans lived. A fascinating guided walking tour will provide insight into the history of this amazing and very large archaeological site. A stop will also be made at a local coral factory on your return journey to the ship. Please note: this excursion includes long walking on uneven ground; there are big slabs of stone in the streets of Pompeii so this tour is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties or using a wheelchair.
    • Best seller

    • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

      Difficulty Level

    • Duration
      4 h

    • Adults$79.00Price per person

    • Children$59.00Price per person




    Upon leaving the port of Salerno, you will be taken on a scenic boat sightseeing tour along the world-famous Amalfi Coast, which is renowned for its beauty and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape. The picturesque towns along this stretch of coastline in southern Italy are inextricably linked to the sea, for both tourism and trade, and their seaside settings have helped them to prosper. A stop will be made in the charming resort of Amalfi to visit the impressive Cathedral, which dominates the main square and combines Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque architectural elements, as well as the adjacent 13th-century Cloister of Paradise, home to old mosaics, paintings and 120 columns. If there is enough time, you will have some leisure time to amble through the narrow streets on your own before heading back to the port and your ship. Please note: in case of adverse weather conditions, guests will reach Amalfi by coach instead of by boat.
    • Best seller

    • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

      Difficulty Level

    • Duration
      4 h

    • Adults$85.00Price per person

    • Children$62.00Price per person


    SEA & SUN


    Nestled in the Gulf of Salerno, the city of the same name marks the gateway to two globally renowned and highly charming stretches of shoreline: the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast. A coach will take you to Arechi castle, which dates back to the 8th century and the reign of Arechi II, Duke (and later Prince) of Benevento. Built 300m above the sea on Mount Bonadies, it offers a spectacular view of Salerno and its surroundings. Shoot some photos during a brief stop at the first viewpoint before driving back to Salerno's historic centre, the vibrant heart of the city and home to several exquisite medieval churches. Take a guided walking tour along its narrow streets to the Salerno Cathedral (or "Duomo”). Dedicated to the city's patron saint, the apostle St. Matthew (one of the Four Evangelists of the New Testament), the Duomo was built starting in 1076 by Robert Guiscard and consecrated by Pope Gregory VII in 1085. You will then walk up to the edge of the historical district and the Gardens of Minerva, Europe's first botanical garden to cultivate plants for medical use. Soak in the variety of flora and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea before returning to the port. Please note: this excursion involves walking uphill, on stairs and on uneven ground, and is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties or using a wheelchair.
      • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

        Difficulty Level

      • Duration
        4:30 h

      • Adults$59.00Price per person

      • Children$45.00Price per person

    The excursions in the program above are intended to provide MSC Guests with an idea of the different tours that can be arranged in each port of call; this program is merely a guide and confirmation of each excursion and its description and prices will be made during your cruise.
    Shore excursions programs and itineraries may vary depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen events in relation to the timing on the day of the tour.


    Some excursions are very popular and therefore availability cannot always be guaranteed, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The guides are guaranteed in English. Only for South America cruises, the guides are guaranteed in Brazilian Portuguese. Narration in other languages depends on the availability of guides. Please note that the final language of the tour will be confirmed on board during the cruise.

    Reach the port

    Port of Salerno

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Varco di Ponente, Molo 22

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      Arriving from the north on the Naples – Salerno motorway (A3) take the Vietri sul Mare exit. Arriving from the Caserta-Salerno motorway (A30), take the Salerno Centro exit. Follow the signs for Viadotto Gatto and then Salerno Port or Costiera Amalfitana.

      Coming from the south on the motorway from Reggio Calabria, take the Salerno Centro exit. Follow the signs for Viadotto Gatto and then Salerno Port or Costiera Amalfitana.

      Parking Information

      Tel. +39 089 3066111
      • Outdoor parking
      • Free shuttle service
      • Reach the luggage drop off zone of the cruise terminal and you'll find the staff of the parking
      • The parking is outside the port and offers a free shuttle service
      Book your parking with MSC


      Car 8 € 75,00
      Suv 8 € 75,00
      Minivan 8 € 90,00
    • Train

      Salerno train station is about 5 km from the port, which is a 35-minute walk or 15-minute taxi journey. A bus service is also available.
    • Plane

      Naples' Capodichino Airport is about 55 km from the port of Salerno. A local bus company, Sita, provides a service to Salerno that takes about one hour, depending on traffic. Private transfers are available upon request.


    History, gastronomy and fashion
    History, gastronomy and fashion

    A cruise to Italy is an emotional roller coaster. Rome is a tremendous city quite unlike any other, and in terms of historical sights outstrips everywhere else in the country by some way.
    Liguria, the small coastal province along the north-west coast, has long been known as the “Italian Riviera” and is accordingly crowded with sun-seekers for much of the summer.
    In Veneto the main focus of interest is, of course, Venice: a unique city, and every bit as beautiful as its reputation would suggest. Tuscany in central Italy represents perhaps the most commonly perceived image of the country, with its classic rolling countryside and the art-packed towns of Florence and Pisa.

    The south proper begins with the region of Campania. Its capital, Naples, is a unique, unforgettable city, the spiritual heart of the Italian south. Puglia, the “heel” of Italy, has underrated pleasures, too, notably the landscape of its Gargano peninsula and the souk-like qualities of its capital, Bari.

    As for Sicily, the island is really a place apart, with a wide mixture of attractions ranging from some of the finest preserved Hellenistic treasures in Europe, to a couple of Italy’s most appealing Mediterranean beach resorts in Taormina and Cefalù, not to mention some gorgeous upland scenery.

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