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The richest historic and cultural heritage in the world
The richest historic and cultural heritage in the world

Italy has always been a favorite destination for travelers all over the world. Thanks to its awesome natural beauty and its historic and cultural traditions going back thousands of years, it offers some great attractions and opportunities. The historic and cultural traditions of Italy are among the richest in the world, and have greatly impacted world culture. Italy has the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites (51), and the largest number of visitors per square meter.

Take an MSC Italy Cruise and enjoy the country's finest artistic cities, like romantic Venice with its canals, or Rome, the Eternal City, capital of the Roman Empire and the centuries-old capital of western civilization.

Then, of course, there is the panoramic Tuscan countryside, with its vineyards and medieval villages, not to mention Sardinia and Sicily, with their truly awesome beaches.

Last, but not least is the wonderful cuisine, with every part of Italy offering authentic and delicious local cooking. Do not leave without trying a typical Neapolitan pizza, or a mouth-watering dish of pasta.

A whole world of scenic beauty and tasty dishes await you on an MSC Mediterranean cruise.