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Disembarking from an MSC cruise ship at Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, it’s obvious it stands apart from the rest of the country. Situated at the head of the Gulf of Thessaloník, it seems open to the rest of the world, with a wide ethnic mix and an air of general prosperity.

There are substantial Roman remains and the many churches constitute a showcase of Orthodox architecture through the ages, while you can catch glimpses of the Turkish city both in the walled Upper City (Ano Poli) and in the modern grid of streets below: isolated pockets of Ottoman buildings, many of them Islamic monuments, which miraculously survived the 1917 fire. 

Modern Greek architecture is exemplified by Art Deco piles dating from the city’s twentieth-century heyday. Ruins, churches and buildings make Thessaloníki pleasant for sightseeing on an MSC Mediterranean cruise excursion. Pella, 40km west of Thessaloníki, was the capital of Macedonia throughout its greatest period and the first capital of Greece after Philip II forcibly unified the country around 338 BC. The site today is a worthwhile day-trip from Thessaloníki. Its main treasures are a series of pebble mosaics, some in the museum, others in situ. 

The site of Vergina, 75km southeast of Véria, undoubtedly qualifies as one of Greece’s most memorable attractions. This was the site of Aegae, the original Macedonian royal capital before the shift to Pella, and later the sanctuary and royal burial place of the Macedonian kings. From outside, all that’s visible is a low hillock with skylights and long ramps leading inside, but once underground in the climate-controlled bunker you can admire the facades and doorways of the tombs in situ, well illuminated behind glass. Finds from the site and tombs, the richest Greek trove since the discovery of Mycenae, are exhibited in the complex. 

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    Located at the foot of Mount Olympus, notable in Greek Mythology as the home of the twelve gods, Dion is famous for its Macedonian sanctuary of Zeus and its archaeological site. Leave the port and reach the site after a 1.5-hour coach drive. King Philip II and Alexander the Great celebrated victories in this place and soon a city was built next to the sanctuary so that Dion was renowned for its fortifications and splendid monuments in Hellenistic times. Your guide will introduce to the ancient site including a great part of the old city with Roman Baths, the Roman Theatre viewing the Hellenistic Theater that is used today during the summer festival for performances and the Sanctuaries of the Olympic Gods. Walking along the ancient streets of the city, you will have the chance to view ruins of old villas including the magnificent House of Dionysus with its mosaics of exceptionally fine quality. Please note: this tour includes long walking on uneven ground; it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulty or using a wheelchair.
      • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

        Difficulty Level

      • Duration
        5 h

      • Adults$79.00Price per person

      • Children$59.00Price per person




      Spend a few hours off the ship and treat yourself to a tour that will take you to a gem of historical Greece, Vergina, the first capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. Your approx. 1.5 hour coach drive will give you plenty of time to think of the past marvels you will soon see. Along with your guide, you will visit the archaeological remains of the royal tombs, the most important of which is that of King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. Next on the list is the Vergina museum, whose exhibits include some of King Philip’s key belongings, such as his shield and gold-trimmed breastplate as well as other items. After having some free time, a coach will take you back to your cruise ship. Please note: this tour includes long walking on uneven ground; it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulty or using a wheelchair.
        • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

          Difficulty Level

        • Duration
          4 h

        • Adults$85.00Price per person

        • Children$62.00Price per person

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      Under the protective wing of the gods
      Under the protective wing of the gods

      It would take a lifetime of island-hopping to fully appreciate the 227 inhabited Greek islands scattered across the Mediterranean Sea.
      With sapphire water lapping at rocky coastlines sprinkled with secret coves and sandy beaches, they are the stuff of dreamy travel posters, the very definition of the eulogized Greek summer of sun, sea and sand.

      For anyone with a cultural bone in their body a cruise to the Greek islands cannot fail to inspire. Every culture has left its mark, and almost every town or village has a link to the past, whether it’s a delicately crumbling temple to Aphrodite, a forbidding Venetian fort or a dusty Byzantine monastery decorated with exquisite frescoes.
      But the call to cultural duty will never be too overwhelming on a Greek islands holiday. The hedonistic pleasures of languor and warmth – swimming in balmy seas at dusk, talking and drinking under the stars – are just as appealing.
      Sprawling, globalized Athens is an obligatory, almost unavoidable introduction to Greece: aside from the show-stopping Acropolis it offers a truly metropolitan range of cultural diversions, from museums to concerts; well-stocked shops; gourmet restaurants and stimulating clubs.