MSC Cruises shore excursions can be a clever option to see Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast. The home of NASA’s phenomenal Kennedy Space Center occupies a flat, marshy island bulging into the Atlantic just fifteen miles east of Cape Canaveral.

Many of the visitors who flock here are surprised to find that the land from which rockets are launched is also a sizeable wildlife refuge framed by several miles of rough coastline. Justifiably the biggest draw in the region, it has been the nucleus of the US space programme since 1958: it’s here on Merritt Island and the adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station that NASA’s space vehicles are developed, tested and blasted into orbit. Set up a bit like an Orlando theme park, the vast Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will enthral anyone with the slightest interest in space exploration, with everything from enormous rockets and the history of the moon landings, to IMAX movies and a space shuttle launch simulation on offer.
Regular admission covers the bus tour and all the attractions in the complex, plus the Rocket Garden (where all NASA’s major rockets are on show), the Astronaut Encounter, a chance to meet and question a real-life astronaut, and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame across the Indian River in Titusville. If you travel in Florida with an MSC cruise ship, you have to visit Disney World during your MSC Caribbean cruise: it goes way beyond Walt Disney’s original “theme park” delivering escapism at its most technologically advanced and psychologically brilliant in a multitude of ingenious guises across an area twice the size of Manhattan.
In a crime-free environment where wholesome all-American values hold sway and the concept of good clean fun finds its ultimate expression, Disney World often makes the real world – and all its problems – seem like a distant memory.

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