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cruise cancellation due to covid-19

Everything you need to know about Cruise Cancellations Due to COVID-19

What ships and sail dates are canceled?

Please view our list of canceled cruises below:
MSC Armonia - March 16 through Sept 15
MSC Bellissima - March 14 through July 31
MSC Divina - March 20 through July 31
MSC Fantasia - March 28 through July 31
MSC Grandiosa - March 14 through July 31
MSC Lirica - March 14 through July 31
MSC Magnifica - March 16 through July 31
MSC Meraviglia - March 15 through July 31
MSC Meraviglia - Sept. 5 through Oct. 22 (Canada/New England cruises)

MSC Musica - March 16 through July 31
MSC Opera - March 10 through July 31
MSC Orchestra - March 20 through July 31
MSC Poesia - March 22 through July 31
MSC Preziosa - March 14 through July 31
MSC Seaside - March 14 through Sept 15
MSC Seaview - March 19 through July 31
MSC Sinfonia - March 13 through July 31
MSC Splendida - March 29 through July 31


What sailings are impacted by the updated fall and winter deployment MSC Cruises recently announced?

Due to the pandemic, MSC Cruises recently announced new deployment for the fall and winter 2020/2021 season, resulting in changes to some of our originally planned itineraries. In all instances in which a sailing was impacted, we have worked hard to offer new attractive deployment options. All guests impacted will be moved to another ship serving the same or similar itinerary, while protecting the price of their original booking, and will be offered either an upgrade or receive a shipboard credit up to $200 per stateroom, depending on the category of the stateroom booked and length of sailing.
For an overview of sailings impacted as well as the new sailings we’ll move your cruise to – based on the closest available itinerary – please click here. Specific details related to each sailing and new attractive alternatives for you to consider will be shared by Wednesday, July 1.

What is I don't want to keep the sailing that I was moved to?

MSC Cruises USA guests have the ability to transfer the amount currently paid on their booking to another ship and sailing in MSC Cruises' fleet or can opt for a refund of their deposit amount, following normal cancellation procedures.  These changes can be made starting July 1.  Please ensure that any requests for cancellations are made at least 90 days prior to departure to avoid penalty.  If booked through a travel advisor, please consult with them before moving forward with your decision for the best procedure.


Has MSC Cruises USA process changed in managing bookings on canceled sailings?

Yes, moving forward we’ve made it even easier.  Starting June 19 for Canada/New England cruises canceled from Sept. - Oct. 2020, a Future Cruise Credit will automatically be emailed to you or your travel advisor directly, if an email is noted on the reservation.


When will Future Cruise Credits be sent?

A designated date is noted in the cancellation announcement allowing MSC Cruises to process the Future Cruise Credit and add the additional 25% value.  For MSC Meraviglia sailings canceled with departures on Sept. 5, Sept. 22, Oct. 2, Oct. 12 and Oct. 22, the Future Cruise Credit will be emailed on June 19.  For MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia sailings canceled from August 1 - September 15, the Future Cruise Credit will be automatically sent to the email we have on file by Monday, July 13.


What if I want a full refund?

To make this selection easy, simply visit this page and fill out the required form.  Refunds will be issued 60 days from the requested date. For canceled MSC Meraviglia Canada/New England sailings, the form is available starting Friday, June 19.  For canceled MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia sailings from August 1 - September 15, the refund form will be available online starting Monday, July 13.


What is the value of the Future Cruise Credit based on?

The value of the Future Cruise Credit is based on the original amount paid.  Applicable prepaid services and government taxes and fees will continue to be issued in a refund.


What are my options due to canceled cruises?

If you were booked on a cruise through MSC Cruises USA between , you will be given two options:


A.) 125% Future Cruise Credit (valid on any cruise on or before Dec. 31, 2021)

B.) Request a refund 


PLEASE NOTE: YOUR SELECTION IS FINAL AND CANNOT BE CHANGED ONCE SUBMITTED. You do not need to call us! To make this as convenient as possible, you can fill out a form online to submit your request.


Caribbean cruises canceled, click here

Non-Caribbean cruises canceled, click here 






What if I already applied for Cruise Assurance and my cruise is now canceled?

Impacted guests who previously opted into our MSC Cruise Assurance program for a 100% FCC are now eligible for the higher 125% FCC. If you have been impacted by the canceled cruises through July 10th and previously submitted a request through MSC Cruise Assurance, YOU MUST SELECT THE BOX THAT APPLIES TO YOUR CRUISE DATE AND FILL OUT A NEW FORM.

Caribbean cruises canceled, click here
Non-Caribbean cruises canceled, click here

If I choose a refund, when will a refund be given?

Refunds will be issued 60 days from the date you complete the online form. 

If I choose a Future Cruise Credit, how and when will I receive it?

You will be required to fill out the form and choose the option Future Cruise Credit. Once you submit your request, you will get an email confirmation. Your Future Cruise Credit will be issued via email within 14 days of your original booked cruise. Once your selection is submitted, it cannot be changed.

What happens if there is a difference in the new cruise fare and the Future Cruise Credit issued? 

If your new cruise booking is greater than the value of your Future Cruise Credit, you will be responsible for the difference.  


Alternatively, if the new cruise fare is lower than the Future Cruise Credit's value, a new Future Cruise Credit will be issued for the balance. 

What happens if I have purchased pre-cruise items on a sailing that is now canceled? (Ex. Shore excursions, drink packages, etc.)

Pre-cruise purchases will be refunded to the original form of payment and will be issued the later of either 60 days after the original sail date or 60 days from the date you complete the online form.

Can I give my Future Cruise Credit to a friend or family member?

No, the Future Cruise Credit is non-transferable and non-refundable.

If the value of my Future Cruise Credit is higher than the cost of my new cruise, can I get an onboard credit for the difference? 

No, your remaining Future Cruise Credit balance (if applicable), will be converted into a new Future Cruise Credit.

If I was traveling with a friend and at the time of the re-booking he/she doesn't want to travel, can I go alone?

Yes, keep in mind the full value of the Future Cruise Credit will apply to the future booking. MSC will not provide either a refund or an Future Cruise Credit to the individual that subsequently decides not to travel. Single supplement charges will apply and, if the future booking costs more than the original booking, the guest is responsible to pay the difference. If the price of the future booking is less than the original booking, a Future Cruise Credit for the balance will be issued to the guests that appeared in the original reservation.